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Integration:WPG2 Release Notes

From Gallery Codex

Version 3.0.7

  • 0000066: [Bug] WPG2 Page gets Generated Multiple Times in WP 2.5 (ozgreg) - resolved.
  • 0000067: [Task] Add Lightbox / Slimbox Switch (ozgreg) - resolved.
  • 0000058: [Bug] Gallery2 2.3 Embedded Site Admin Link (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000065: [Bug] Incorrect Gallery2 Session Handling for Users Already Logged in. (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000064: [Bug] WPG2 Login Fatal Terminates (ozgreg) - closed.

Version 3.0.6

  • 0000060: [Bug] Uninitialised Lightbox Variables still being outputted to WP Header (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000061: [Bug] No Wordpress Header / Footer on WPG2 Page is Missing Doctype Elements.. (ozgreg) - closed.

Version 3.0.5

  • 0000059: [Bug] WPG2 Page Title is Generated Twice (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000045: [Bug Report] Lightbox requires Core.viewSource to display (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000049: [Bug] Imageframe Failure in Gallery2 2.3 (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000041: [Task] Wordpress 2.5 uses (Hashed) Passwords.. (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000020: [Task] Add DEBUG code to admin WPG2 admin panels for tracing URL rewrite issues (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000044: [Bug] album with a return character in the album name will cause g2image to fail to load tree (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000053: [Bug] Help Links No Longer Display in WP 2.5 (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000052: [Bug] WP 2.5 CSS Changes Breaks WPG2 Options Layout (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000051: [Bug] Gallery2 Rewrite Embedded Path is Not being Set.. (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000046: [Task] Switch Lightbox code to the lighter Slimbox script. (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000047: [Task] WP 2.5 TinyMCE Changes (capt_kirk) - closed.
  • 0000048: [Bug] Widget functions inside another function in WP 2.5 (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000038: [Bug] Directing Output via main.php fails to log in Wordpress User (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000042: [Bug] Gallery2 Album Title not being applied to Page Title (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000043: [Bug] Stop G2 Adding TMP_SESSION_ID_DI_NOISSES_PMT to Session ID (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000055: [Bug] Enabling Lightbox Internal Script causes WPG2 to Load Multiple Times (ozgreg) - closed.
  • 0000057: [Task] Add WPG2 Events to Bluetrait Event Viewer (ozgreg) - closed.

Version 3.0.2

  • Fixed auto validation for Gallery2 installations that are not installed in the default directories that WPG2 checks during auto validation.
  • Fixed auto validation so that it correctly checks both G2 embed path discovery methods.

Version 3.0.1

  • Added a check for G2 ImageBlock Module version 1.0.9 or greater
  • Fixed the G2 Permalinks URL rewrite rule

Version 3.0

  • Added WPG2 S/Bar Grid Widget
  • Added WPG2 S/Bar Block Widget
  • Added WPG2 S/Bar Album Tree Widget
  • Overhauled Wordpress -> Gallery2 Single Sign on
  • Corrected User Creation problems with mysqlt and mysqli database types
  • Reworked User Syncing Process, added hooks into Wordpress User create, Delete and Change
  • Stripped CSS and JS Out of G2 Header, instead correctly inserting into the WP Header to meet W3C standards
  • Fixed Gallery2 2.2 theme blocks errors
  • Added Lightbox Script
  • Added Lightbox Tags to Sidebar Grid, Block and Posts
  • Added Lightbox Preferred Minimum Size on Popup
  • Added Lightbox Group(s) for Grouping Images from the same Post / Sidebar Grid
  • Modularised Code, moving away from multiple individual php files to includes to allow for future development of OOP / structured classes around the various WPG2 functionalities
  • Added Midsized Gallery2 Support (Yah any sized thumbnails) to Sidebar and WPG2 (Post) Tags
  • Added Support to correctly integrate Gallery2 for a valid list of imageframes
  • Embedded Page tweaks / improvements, including removing unnecessary blind insertation of imageframe CSS files when displaying Gallery2 Output, reworking WP Header output back to core WP standard, rather than partially initialising it.
  • Automatic inclusions of G2image CSS file, no more having to edit WP Theme stylesheets!
  • Reworked WP->G2 User Sync from WPG2 Gallery2 Users Tab
  • Separated various WPG2 Options for Better Control
  • Cleanup WPG2 Options on Plugin Deactivation
  • Implemented Mass Plugin Detection, No Option Delete, on WP Upgrade
  • Implemented CSS classes to separate css stylesheet handling for sidebar & Tag Images
  • Removed WP-Gallery2.php, instead WPG2 will output via WP Internal Page or Gallery2 Standalone Page
  • G2Image Upgraded to Version 3.0
    • GUI reorganization.
      • Visual directory tree instead of breadcrumbs
      • Insertion options on a fixed pane to the side
      • The "sort by" and "images per page" select boxes force a redraw automatically instead of requiring another button press
    • Ability to select multiple images for insertion with the current insertion options
    • Switched from php array method of internationalization to the standard gettext method.
    • Improved LightBox HTML tag by adding a variable slideshow group name (In 2.2.2 it defaulted to g2image)
    • Added support for the "size" attribute in the WPG2 tag. (Images only, not albums, because Gallery2 only stores a thumbnail for the album highlight, not resizes.)
    • Added "All" as a "thumbnails per page" option
    • An added benefit of reorganizing the backend in v3.0 is that G2Image now fully honors Gallery2 user permissions. It picks up the current user's permissions from the Gallery2 session cookie and applies them.
    • Eliminated use of G2 ImageBlock call in the backend. This eases getting information about a Gallery2 item.
    • Added support for a LightBox HTML tag and fullsized image HTML tags.
    • FCKEditor integration

Version 2.13

  • Admin Menu compatibility Fixes with WP 2.2

Version 2.12

  • Wordpress to Gallery2 Single Signon Corrections

Version 2.11

  • G2Image Plugin Bug Fixes

Version 2.1

  • G2Image Plugin compatibility Fixes with WP 2.1

Version 2.0

  • Bug Fixing
  • Language Locale Support
  • Rewrite Enhancements

Version 2.0 RC1

  • Integrate sidebar block into sidebar admin page
  • URL validation (200 OK) for manual paths
  • Imageframe include only unique CSS sheets
  • Add Quicktag Support
  • Convert User Levels to Wordpress 2.0 Caps

Version 2.0 Beta One

  • Gallery2 in a different (sub)domain to Wordpress
  • Automatic configuration of Gallery2 url rewrite module from WPG2 Values
  • Realignment of WPG2 Menus
  • Gallery2 2.1 compatibility
  • Multiple same block in Sidebar image blocks
  • Fix for WP 2.01 permalinks bug.
  • Configuration of the Gallery2 Image Chooser from WPG2 admin panel

Previous Versions

  • 13th September, 2005 - 1.0 Released
  • 22nd August, 2005 - RC2 Released
  • 10th August, 2005 - RC1 Released.
  • 23rd July, 2005 - B2 Released.
  • 29th May, 2005 - B1.1 Released.
  • 25th May, 2005 - B1 Released.
  • 27th April, 2005 - WPG2 Team Formed, Alpha 3 Released