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The Gallery2 integration module for Xaraya integrates the Gallery 2 photo album application into Xaraya.


The main objective of this module is to keep the code of Xaraya and G2 separate while integrating the user interface and functionality as far as possible.

The three involved components are:


Before you can use G2 in your xaraya installation, you'll have to install and configure all components first (see above)..

Included Blocks

The gallery2 Module provides two blocks.

  • sidebar: the Gallery2 Sidebar block is a try to give you more area (width) for content (thumbnails, image detail view). You can disable the sidebar menu in the config and instantiate the sidebar block and move the sidebar menu where you want to.
  • Image block: You can instantiate as many image blocks as you want and configure each block instance separately. i.e. create a randomImage image block and a most recent image block, show the title and the date, or just the owner of the item.

G2 Images in Xaraya Content

TODO: Add instructions (g2 image chooser / transform hook)

Known Bugs

  • Since the xaraya RC candidates, you cannot use G2 URL rewrite with xaraya. Deactivate the G2 URL rewrite module when using it embedded in xaraya
  • Users that have been imported from Gallery 2 into Xaraya all need to request a new password since their password could not be imported into Xaraya. The password hash methods between Xaraya and Gallery2 are incompatible.


  • Add the search hook (searching Gallery 2 from xaraya's central search form isn't done yet)
  • Incorporate the G2 menu links in the xaraya menu.