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Upgrade instructions for the Gallery2 integration module for Xaraya:

If there's a new version of Xaraya or G2, just upgrade the software as if it was a standalone product. Sometimes the API of G2 or Xaraya may change, then we will have to rewrite / adjust the Xaraya galllery2 module and you'll have to update your version of the gallery2 module.

Upgrading Xaraya or Gallery 2

You should be able to uprade Xaraya and Gallery 2 as if it they were standalone applications. Just follow the official upgrade instructions of the two products.

Be sure to check for new releases of the gallery2 Xaraya integration module too.

Upgrading the Gallery2 Integration Module

We'll either release a new version of the gallery2 Xaraya integration module to include bugfixes or new features or if it is no longer compatible with the latest official Xaraya and Gallery 2 releases.

You should always check the compatiblity between the three components before doing any upgrade.

Upgrading the gallery2 integration module is easy:

  1. Download the gallery2 module for Xaraya from one of the nightly snapshot mirrors at Gallery Downloads
  2. Replace the modules/gallery2/ folder of your xaraya installation with the gallery2 folder from the downloaded integration module package.
  3. Browse to your Xaraya's module administration panel and upgrade the gallery2 module.