Meeting Notes: Apr 15 2008 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Apr 15 2008

From Gallery Codex


  • schultmc
  • ckdake running(notes)
  • bharat
  • jmullan
  • valiant
  • tim_j
  • beckett (late)

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • talmdal and beckett have scored applications based on stuff so far
  • prospective students have until tomorrow to complete their familiarization tasks
  • 7:00 UTC on april 18th is deadline for rankings from us.

Summer of Usability

  • Deadline for apps is April 14th
  • ckdake won't receive anything before that date

Gallery 2.2.5

  • Need to start backporting - bharat is driving
  • Should build a private RC for G2.2.5 such that we can send an announcement to the trusted redistributors

Gallery 2.3

Gallery 1

  • need to work with schultmc and debian on what to do about whether or not to backport security fixes from 1.6 to 1.5.8
  • debian wants fixes to 1.5.4, so schultmc has to do the backport or try and get them to accept 1.5.8
  • 8 open reviews. (beckett and bharat need to stop slacking!)
  • 1.5 maintenance release may continue to 1 year from date of 1.6 release.


  • bharat, ckdake have tickets
  • tim_j still needs to find a restaurant
  • tim_j inviting andrew, joan, chad, amy, etc

Action Items For Next Week

(bold ones are overdue)

  • ckdake
    • follow up with fryfrog to do some SQLite testing (from sevral months ago nightly -> upgrade to latest in SVN)
    • ping mindless on committment level for next few months
  • bharat
    • take over review on transcoding
    • take over driving 2.2.5
  • valiant
    • backport all necessary changelists to Gallery 2.2.5
  • beckett
    • look through integrations page on codex and update (remove obsoletes)
  • jmullan
    • commit icons for paularmstrongdesigns and KSIcons
    • maps module on GMC (no due date)
    • hassle people about gcon
    • keep doing G1 reviews
    • get some g2 reviews to get into the g2 swing again
  • schultmc
    • update us on corporation status soon
    • backport fixes and ask for code reviews or contact the security team to see if 2.2.5 can go in
  • tim_j
    • schedule date for next G1 releases so ckdake can be ready
    • continue work on G1 security issues including backporting to 1.5 series.

Not at Meeting

  • h0bbel
    • finish putting together MS testing plan
    • add more to test matrix for other platforms

Completed Action items from last week

  • tim_j
    • work with schultmc to assess whether G1.5.8 updates are really needed or if G1.6 is sufficient as a patch/upgrade path (1.5.8 is needed)
    • update the GCon08 wiki page with the new information about the hotel and the program
  • valiant
    • update G2.3 release blockes page, mainly with HTTP digest auth
  • ckdake
    • follow up with paour about GCon