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Meeting Notes: Aug 04 2005

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  • ckdake
  • John_K
  • mindless
  • jozefs
  • bharat
  • jessmartin
  • mrtorrent
  • rufous
  • vavi
  • volksport
  • _dv
  • Muti
  • h0bbel


remains to be done:


  • from status emails half are behind or feel behind but thats ok. 4 weeks left
  • Volksport:

Remember, ask questions when you have to, don't wait. Also, if you don't know what to do and can't get an answer, just make it work and move on. A lot of issues will come up in the reviews anyway

1) The Mentors (and a few students) will be in NYC the weekend of Aug 19 dont _expect_ to get a lot out of us that weekend 2) You need to allow time for us to review at least 2 or 3 times, and you to make fixes which has to fit into our schedules too

You have 4 weeks to finish, but like 2 1/2 to have a working product.

  • John_K: xmlrpc stuff needs some refactoring from parts of HTML UI to ensure identical operation, bharat/ckdake/John_K discuss further
  • rufous: trouble hearing back from jmullan
  • Muti: not going to use permissions for xmlrpc stuff, its just a different presentation of data so normal permissions are fine, next is porting existing xmlrpc stuff to new modules (ckdake needs to review stuff tonight)


Bharat: ok, so the current dinner plan is still Churrascaria Plataforma I'm going to call about the Danube Wine Room today if the wine room works out, I'll book that. Otherwise I'll call Blue Fin back and beg for a discount if Blue Fin cuts us some slack for 27 people then I'll aim for that else, it's Churrascaria and we'll LIKE it. 2 hours of free flowing meat and alcohol can't be all bad

  • t-shirt proof will not have the 05 on the back and volksport will see about getting concert tour style release dates on the back
  • everyone on their own to get to the hotel.

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