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Meeting Notes: Aug 18 2005

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  • volksport
  • vavi
  • ckdake
  • bharat
  • Signe
  • rufous
  • mrtorrent
  • Muti
  • jessmartin
  • Jonatan`
  • rufous
  • domainsquatter
  • mindless
  • jozefs
  • h0bbel
  • pelle


  • Package on Friday Aug 19
  • Release on Monday Aug 22


  • Have project ready for final reviews on Sunday Aug 21
  • bharat: if we have to do some final cleanup to get your code commit-ready that's fine with me (provided we don't have to make huge structural alterations because something wasn't finished) it sounds to me like all of you are more or less on the right track so if you get it working, with tests, with something relatively closely approxiimating the style guide, you're good. but part of this whole experience is the process of submnitting your code for review and getting it approved ie, in order for us to consider you as a "pass" we want to make sure that you understand that this process is more than going off by yourself and working on code for 2 months and submitting it on the last day in that sense, you're just like every other G2 developer I am guessing that everybody who has been actively participating (coming to the meetings, talking regularly with your mentor, submitting your code for review) is going to pass


  • We need a bar for after saturday dinner (talk about it at Friday meeting)
  • We need group activities (talk about it at friday meeting - perhaps met/guggenheim on saturday)

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