Meeting Notes: Aug 27 2006 -- Gallery Con 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Aug 27 2006 -- Gallery Con 2006

From Gallery Codex


  • Summary of finances
    • AGREED: Gift for Bharat and Alan $1500
  • Taxes
    • Gallery will send 1099's for everybody
  • Dividends?
    • AGREED: Rather have a meetup than get $200
  • Figure out the mean and pay people something comparable?
    • Payments are to reimburse expenses -- if you don't spend it, you don't need to get reimbursed so equality is not as much of an issue


  • Everybody Mike has talked to says "don't do the non profit" because you have to do things by the book
  • Issues:
    • How much do we care about the appearance of the project?
    • If we have a larger convention and make it part of our charter then we can avoid the appearance of spending a lot of cash in Vegas.
  • Non profit:
    • Downsides: You're open to scrutiny. More paperwork. You can pay people for stuff.
  • Join SPI? (Software in the Public Interest).
    • Downsides: 501c3. If we do stuff outside of the 501c3 we'll have to pay taxes on it.
    • Upsides: Reduces paperwork.
    • Issues:
      • How do we maintain control of our business relationships?
      • How much control would we have over
  • Choices:
    • Stay the same
    • Non-profit (SPI seems likely option)
    • Become a corporation
  • We made $10K donations, $30K payments in 2005.
    • If we send the $10K to SPI we save $3K
    • If we send the $30K to a corporation we cap taxes at 35% (?) so we might pay $10.5 in taxes instead of $13.5 and save $3K
    • we're going to have some kind of organization
    • profit and non-profit are both worthwhile
    • we should move forward with a non-profit
    • Wait on the for-profit corporation

1.x issues

  • [jens] Last half year was a little frustrating.
    • The forum users make me mad. When I started the project I loved to helped the newbies, but now I get more mad and don't want to help them.
    • Totally behind schedule
    • When group support and mass editing is in, Jens wants to stop active 1.x development.
    • Release 1.6 as an alpha because things have changed considerably. Gallery 1 has templates, skins have changed. Front page is themable.
    • Release of 1.6 in 2 months.
    • After 1.6 thinking about leaving the project, based on frustration levels.
  • Is it a good idea to totally change G1 right before abandoning the 1.x product line?
    • Keep a branch around for 1.5
    • CLEAR COMMUNICATION of 1.x roadmap is very important
  • Do we have enough 1.x testing before released?
  • Forum support: if Jens stops active development, how long do we continue to offer support?


  • Contractual Obligations
  • Print Affiliates
    • Shutterfly, PhotoAccess, Fotokasten, Digibug
  • ISPs
    • PowWeb, DreamHost, ThinkHost, OpenSourceHost, Delphian Internet, HostGo, Hostit365, DowntownHost
      • Making good revenue off of the first two. Not so much off of the rest
  • Adsense
    • Making good revenue with tiny links
  • Affiliate ideas:
    • An isp could pay a flat fee to let us qualify them.
    • We could set up a qualification program.
    • If we have this program we could have world-wide hosts, not just limited to a set of small set of hosts.

Team Organization

  • Leadership
    • We expect people to be largely self managed
    • We need to be better about dispatching
    • Bharat needs to divest authority/responsibility
      • Make somebody else the primary
      • Chris Kelly volunteers to do it.
  • Bharat's Responsibilities include (but not limited to):
    • Managing fringe team members (eg Mike)
    • Dealing with all of our affiliate relationships
    • Individual communication with all team members
    • Dealing with mail
    • Being point of presence for project
    • Finances (which I'll keep)
    • Colo hosting (I'll keep)
    • Managing relationships with other projects
    • Setting the tone/attitude for the project
    • Minimizing conflict
  • Transition
    • Bharat steps down
    • Chris steps up
    • Some concerns that Chris is a little crazy some times (XTREEEM!)
    • Chris has demonstrated that he is very competent
    • AGREED: Chris Kelly will be the project primary

Participation Levels

  • Felix is underutilized
    • Felix is one of the few developers who will work on anything
    • Bharat is too busy and is unintentionally holding Felix back
  • We didn't finish talking about this :-(

Individual plans and goals through the end of the year

Chad (thumb)

  • Starting a new job this week, yay! I plan on continued participation (in spurts).
  • Will work with Alan to expand theme doc technical details
  • Will work with Felix, Chris, others on technical writer recruitment (Amy is first target)
  • Would like to adjust a few minor things in Ajaxian before 2.2 release
  • Interested in building Drupal web host submission module, but we'll see
  • Would like to work on an admin interface that is not themeable but allow designated modules to be controlled by themes in 2.3


  • Not a strong programmer, willing to help out more in other areas
  • Documentation and support are two areas I'd be a good fit in
  • I'm also interested in overall project infrastructure stuff (NPO/SPI, for-profit corp, etc.)

2.x issues

  • Theme Contest
    • What should we wait for?
      • Theme documentation
      • Chad is working on it
      • Alan has been a technical consultant
    • Requirements of the theme
      • It must be a complete theme
    • Robert will propose theme contest cash
    • Robert will finalize all the categories, prize money
  • Documentation
    • Christian, Zimzat, Valerie did card sorting exercise and came up with a general map.
    • Lack of documentation/organization-of-documentation negatively differentiates Gallery from other projects
    • We need good tech writers
  • We need more people in every role.
    • Targetted job request for a small set of roles:
      • Tech writer
    • Get in touch with a college department.
  • Core version vs. G2 version is confusing
  • Infrastructure is daunting
  • Ramp cost is eating developers, hurts SoC
  • Jesse needs new home for nightly snapshots


  • Leaving
    • Issues:
      • svn is slow to update, fails regularly
      • we don't know how to use the tracking tools effectively
      • [alan] bugs work reasonably well
      • is there a better option out there
      • Targetted bug/rfe subscriptions
  • Confusion between GMC and Codex
    • Codex is documentation, gmc is everything else
    • Technical issues cause us to use a separate Wiki
    • What's where, what's in progress?
    • Maybe create Drupal handbooks (says Chad)
  • is still ground zero for open source, if we leave then we lose traffic. if we believe in we should stay until it causes us too much pain. Decision: STAY.

Deferred Topics

  • Money Making / Profitability
  • Dave approached about a project to make a G2 child porn classification module
  • Should we make and sell T-shirts?
  • Summer of Code
  • Should Bharat remain trustee of the copyright?

Action items

  • Estimated LV cost is $22,000 for vegas 2006 (possibly not including stuff Robert doesn't know about)
  • Bharat will register Jozef/Tunde airfare on spreadsheet
  • Mike will sponsor us to join SPI
  • Bharat 1099s to everybody at the end of 2006
  • Gifts to Bharat/Alan for $1500
  • Jens will publish a detailed 1.x roadmap
  • We need a full security audit for 1.6
  • Jens/Christian/Dave will publish a test plan for 1.x
  •  ??? will draft a proposal for an ISP qualification program
  • Bharat/Chris will present a primary transition plan including a job title
  • Robert will propose a date for theme contest by 9/8
  • Bharat will arrange for a security audit for DP
  • Chris will make sure that we set up a tech writer recruiting program
  • Bharat will disambiguate core version vs. g2 version issues
  • Report things that you don't like about on this page and Bharat will collate it for the folks
  • Bharat will add anchors to download page so that the [version download] links on the main gmc page.
  • Alan will fix forum post quoting bug (reported by Dave Moore)