Meeting Notes: Aug 2 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Aug 2 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • camilojd - finishing up last details on metadata editor ui, committed rest of the code, next is unit testing
    • zimzat officially asking for someone to take over as mentor (hasn't had time to give proper reviews and guidance). Will discuss with schultmc and we'll figure something out
    • only zimzat has officially reviewed code so far, camilojd will get it in (Zimzat has had trouble logging in to reviews)
  • AdamPflug - virshu hasn't seen him in the last week, but was pretty much done with code and starting on unit tests last time. his code is in -contrib and virshu reviewed it
  • briankircho - code is working well and passes all the tests. schultmc added him to gallery-contrib and the code is committed (during the meeting :) )
  • Uday is working on getting code into SVN. needs to get his code in front of a reviewer
  • 17 days to go! Everyone needs to get review feedback ASAP!

Gallery 2.3

  • Spam protection: Bharat mostly done. maybe tomorrow.
  • Still waiting until Jozefs is back (Language Manager) to know how near/far we are from feature freeze
  • Valiant to document missing steps in ALCs so someone else can pick it up
  • Virshu pursuing Jablko on Ajax Item Admin for status and possible help because Jablko is still working on webdav too

Gallery 1

  • 1.5.7 Almost ready to go
  • Security review for 1.6 has been contracted, they should start next week.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • Some things done to cut down on spam
  • New integration forums are there now
  • We're sticking with a single codex namespace for integrations

GalleryCon 2007

  • Date (still) fixed at September 22-23/2007.
  • People should start booking tickets to keep costs down.
  • Volksport and he's looking into hotels
  • Bharat and Ckdake will continue to pester Volksport


  • Still waiting to see the actual results / docs from Jeff Ward.
  • Still no word from Katrin.

Action Items

  • Bounty program announcement will go up tonight - ckdake
  • 1.5.7 will be tested by everyone and ckdake will release it

Completed Action Items