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Meeting Notes: Dec 07 2006 Docs

From Gallery Codex

Docs Meeting about Codex Reorganization

Current status is at Codex:Reorganization
Attendance: Mindless, h0bbel, Zimzat, valiant, Bharat (reading)

Main page

  • Will add "Quick Start Guide" to G1 and G2 sections
  • Update "Other Gallery projects" section (sync with updated current main page)
  • All people at the meeting agreed with the new structure. Implementation is next.


  • Zimzat explained how namespaces / categories work
  • Neither is auto-generated

Namespace vs Categories

  • Namespaces properties:
    • Why namespaces? One can limit search results to one or more namespaces on the search page.
    • And one can reuse page names in different namespaces
    • A page can only be in a single namespace at a time
    • The default namespace is "Main" and is not part of any URL
    • A page in a hypothetical namespace "Gallery" would have the URL Thus The part before the first colon is the namespace name.
    • A namespace masks all pages with the same prefix, e.g. if there is a "Gallery" namespace, we would have to export / reimport all pages that start with "Gallery:"
  • Category properties:
    • A page Gallery2:XXX is neither automatically in the "Gallery2" category nor does it automatically generate such a category. It's just a page name.
    • Why categories? We get auto-generated landing-pages / index pages for each category. And there are category links on each page that is categorized.
    • A page can be in multiple categories.
    • You can create sub-categories.
    • We will use a template for each category
    • Auto-generated category pages can be extended with manual content

Next steps

  • Namespaces are not a requirement for our codex reorganization, but they seem to be a useful feature.
  • We will experiment with namespaces on codex-dev while the reorgination is in the works in the real codex.
  • Once we're happy with namespaces and know all the details, we will export all pages in the real codex, add namespaces and import / rename the existing pages.
  • Proposed namespaces:
    • Gallery (content that is common to G1 and G2, ...)
    • G1, G2, GR, for individual integrations

Categorization / Top Categories

  • Mindless drafted a proposal on his user page: User:Mindless
  • We'll use that and Valerie's report (survey results analysis and recommendations) as the base
  • Getting a final list of top-level categories has priority before going down to sub-categories (as per Valerie)
  • Once we have the top-level categories, we can create templates and start recategorizing existing pages
  • Then we can create sub-categories

Action Items

  • mindless to merge the results from Valerie's survey report into his categorization
  • h0bbel and valiant to go over the report and the proposed categorization from mindless and provide feedback
  • valiant to update main page structure section in reorg document
  • valiant to draft a new main page and post link to -docs for final review