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Meeting Notes: Jul 28 2005

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Attending Devs

  • volksport (Robert Balousek) [[status OK]
  • bharat (Bharat Mediratta) [[status OK]
  • valiant (Andy Staudacher) [[status OK]
  • mindless (Alan Harder) [[status OK]
  • Signe (Jay Rossiter) [[status OK]

Attending SoC Students

  • Vavi - Aviad – DiD [[status OK]
  • Muti - Chris Schwerdt (XML-RPC) [[status OK]
  • Jozefs - Jozef Selesi, Downloadable Plugins [[status OK]
  • domainsquatter - Jeremy Despain, Flash THEME [[status OK]
  • jessmartin - Jess Martin (hidden/password-protected items) [[status OK]
  • _dv - Michael Classic (Integration Manager) [[status OK]
  • mrtorrent – Michael R-Torrent (Ecommerce Integration) [[status OK]
  • John_K - John Kelley, XMLRPC [[status NO]
  • Ross Shannon (AJAX) [[status OK]
  • Jonatan Heyman (RSS) [[status OK]

Absent SoC Students

  • singedpiper - Greg Schoppe, dupe detect [[status NO]
  • Waldemar - Waldemar Schlackow, Picasa 2 Integration [[status NO]

Soc Thoughts

  • Muti: I think I'm pretty well on schedule
  • Jonatan`: I feel that I'm not really as far as I had hoped, because I hoped to be almost done 2 weeks before the end, but I also knew that I wouldn't be there so I figured that I would probably use those two weeks to finninsh the module.. so maybe you can say that I'm both on time and not if you are following me, hehe.. i'm sure that I will be ready by the end of august anyway
  • jozefs: I'm a few days late based on the submitted schedule, but it included 15 days for slips, so I'm pretty much OK. Might even get back on track in the next few days.
  • vavi: I'm on schedule and on scope. Don't see any major problem ahead.
  • rufous: I too feel like I'm behind, but I'm not worried about it. I'm ramping up the hours I'm putting in.
  • _dv: I also feel that I'm on target. Valiant is very good at helping me out with any problems or learning curves ahead.
  • mrtorrent: the core focus/scope of my project has been revised in the past month, but the result is that i have everything very much planned out and scheduled and feel like i have plenty of time for the core and probably extras
  • jessmartin: i'm a little behind this week's milestone, but next week is a very light week in terms of what I had planned for myself, which I planned on purpose. So i definitely will catch up and finish both this week's and next week's milestone by next week Wednesday.
  • domainsquatter: I feel like I'm a little bit behind ... I hit a few snags last week with things not quite working right ... I also had a bad combination of computer problems, family issues and a work emergency that took away from hours I had planned this past week in coding -- so I'm gonna have to find a way to double up on my hours for the next little bit ... i'm a little stressed, but not worried about the deadline yet
  • John_K: (started late) I'm a little behind, need to meet with muti and sync up on a few things, been working on a test client for XMLRPC and trying to figure better ways to do things form current module

SoC Advice

  • bharat: also please remember that our code reviews are pretty strict. we care greatly about the code conventions (indentation, variable naming) and unit testing. The sooner we can review your code and help you get on track / stay on track, the better for you
  • volksport: if your mentor approves a scope change, it is fine
  • bharat: if you haven't written a chunk of G2 code with unit tests by now and had it reviewed, you are probably going to have a hard time if you put it off much longer


  • bharat: for RC1 I'd like to see us tackle the packaging issues
  • bharat: 1.1.1, 1.1.3
  • bharat: also, we don't have the siriux theme on that list
  • bharat: mindless, do you think you'll have time to finish that off?
  • mindless: i'll try to get to it today or tomorrow
  • bharat: so I'm working on 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.8


  • finish hotel stuff (get thumb a room!)
  • decide on a restaurant (we have a reservation, but might not keep it)
  • tshirts?!
  • is felix(virshu) coming? 27 without, 29 with? (Mrtorrent is coming, hooray!)

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