Meeting Notes: Jun 30 2005 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jun 30 2005

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Usual Devs

  • volksport (Robert Balousek),
  • ckdake (Chris Kelly),
  • bharat (Bharat Mediratta),
  • Signe (Jay Rossiter)
  • h0bbel (Christian Mohn)
  • valiant (Andy Staudacher)
  • jmullan (Jesse Mullan)
  • mindless (Alan Harder)

Summer of Code Devs

  • singedpiper (Gregory John Schoppe - Dupe Detection)
  • vavi (Aviad Tsherniak - Dupe Detection)
  • jessmartin (Jess Martin - Hidden Items)
  • _dv (Mike Classic - Integrations Manager)
  • mrtorrent (Michael Rodriguez-Torrent - Ecommerce)
  • jozefs (Jozef Selesi - Downloadable Modules)
  • waldemar (Waldemar Schlackow - Picasa 2)
  • muti (Chris Schwerdt - XMLRPC)
  • rufous (Ross Shannon - AJAX)
  • Jonatan` (Jonatan Heyman - RSS)


  1. Introductions
  2. Go over G2B4 task list
  3. Release Dates
  4. Overview of Summer of Code
  5. Q&A

G2B4 Task List

!! Theme Refactor (bharat) We decided that our theming system was inadequate and that we should not release a final beta without fixing it. having separate layouts and themes was proving to be too confusing and difficult to support. Having separate CSS and template files that lived in 3 different places (gallery2/templates, gallery2/themes, gallery2/layouts) was also very confusing. Having too much logic in the smarty template files was confusing. I set out to refactor this such that there's a single theme that controls the look and feel of the application and that has control over every page this is now mostly done. the theme code controls 6 page types: album, photo, module, admin, error, progress-bar in the process I've broken out most of the functionality into blocks that you can position anywhere on the page. I've completely redone the way that we do immediate-status views so that the code is actually executed at template execution time

(valiant) why differentiate between album and photo? is this singleItem vs albumItem?

(bharat) yes. the logic is significantly different so I felt that it would be easier on the themer to differentiate.

(valiant) ok

(bharat) It's a huge change, but I'm at the point now where everything works, including all of the edge cases that I've discovered except for a few small things one problem is that if we get an error during a progress-bar view, we don't have a clean way to render it. another problem is that our progress bar views break the nice encapsulation that we get when we're embedded (but that's a pre-existing problem) I've made one round of my code available to mindless and valiant for review. I will be ready for a second round for review by the end of the weekend. My guess is that I'll be done, barring issues discovered during review by the end of the weekend

(bharat) oh, as part of this I am going to delete layouts: hybrid, tile, slider, themes: mblue, veloria (mindless) i'll work on reviving them later

Task issues

(mindless): Is it worth it to detect broken images as part of the upgrade for valiant's task ( (bharat): I consider that a nice-to-have, but not necessary for B4 (valiant): i'll do it if i find time

Release dates

(bharat): theme refactor goes in by 7/6, B4 goes out on 7/13. That leaves us one month. Tentative schedule:

  • 7/13: B4
  • 7/27: RC1
  • 8/10: RC2
  • 8/17: Final

Overview Summer of Code / Q&A

  • bharat gives brief rundown about communication (irc, gallery-devel),

the new project (gallery-contrib), who does code reviews (SoCers should send patches to their mentors).

  • SoC todo list for next week:
  1. Run G2 from CVS on any platform
  2. Activate all modules
  3. Complete a full unit test run
  4. Configure your IDE properly
  5. Properly configure your [Development Environment]
  6. Receive and complete a small coding task from your mentor
  • Mentor todo list:
  1. Assign a small coding task to your developer

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