Meeting Notes: Mar 29 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Mar 29 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2 / 2.2.1

  • Is completed
  • The 2.2 experimental plug-in repository is live.

Summer of Code

  • schultmc asked the mentors to review and rank the applications in the next few days. That gives us a chance to get some feedback before the deadline in case further investigation is warranted.
  • valiant supplied the direct link to the application list.

G2 Usability

  • No updates on the survey / usability this week.


  • No updates this week.


  • ckdake continues to work on evaluating 'pootle' and that it is a challenge to set up.
  • Greek made a huge jump from 29% to 96%

Gallery Foundation

  • No updates at this time

Gallery 1

  • Waiting for a G1 story on GMC from tim_j
  • ckdake will probably get the release 1.5 packaged to night (March 29th)

Gallery 2.3 Roadmap

  • There are a lot of important enhancements that can be done without a major API bump.
  • The potential list already looks to big for 6 months time frame
  • Team members should give some thought to what they would like to see for next weeks meeting.
  • The current roadmap can be found at
  • bharat has already started adding event logging to 2.3
  • Hopefully more people will contribute to the roadmap, if not as high-priority goals, then as community or low-priority goals.

Action Items

  • tim_j to create a G1 story.
  • schultmc to put PCMag/InformationWeek scans in the GMC G2.
  • h0bbel to post something about InformationWeek in the next "nice news" article.
  • h0bbel will create a wiki page for "nice news" suggested topics and work on the next "nice news" article.

Closed action items

  • Gallery 2.2.1 was released.
    • Done
  • mindless to move the nzdi theme from drupal-dev to GMC.
    • Done