Meeting Notes: Nov 11 2005 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Nov 11 2005

From Gallery Codex


  • bharat
  • valiant
  • mindless
  • dmolavi
  • jozefs
  • thumb
  • volksport
  • ckdake


  1. Status/plans for docs
  2. Status/plans for integrating SOC projects
  3. Discuss moving session management back into the DB
  4. Select required tasks for 2.1 release
  5. Confirm 2.1 release date (Currently 1/2006)
  6. Decide when to do major API bump
  7. Misc (photoaccess, care2, Linux Toys II)

Status/plans for docs

h0bbel: the problem is that we need to define a ruleset and agree on how we organize the codex. There's a feedback page:

  • ACTION ITEM: h0bbel will post a news story on GMC asking for feedback and for helpers
  • ACTION ITEM: thumb will ping Michael Angeles who designed Drupal's taxonomy module

mindless: i'd just like to see some progress on the overall structure, because then it will be easier to encourage helpers, as they will have clearer places to put new content

Status/plans for integrating SOC projects


volksport: what we think is important and should be in by 2.1 or 2.2, and who wants to volunteer to either do it, or help the students do it
bharat: DP and Picasa are in the pipeline for 2.1
ckdake: Worried that XMLRPC will require a lot of finishing touches. Recommend that we hold off until 2.2

ACTION ITEM: volksport will make up a publicly visible status page which has the current status of each SoC project so that we can track the progress of each one.

Downloadable Plugins

jozefs: Plugin scanner completed, integrated into UI. I'm now finishing the plugin migration UI. I still need to update the code audit tests to look for $Id$ tags. Then I'll test some more and be ready to commit.
bharat: Will it work with's download system?
jozef: No, digital signatures and mirror support are next on the list
valiant: what about official/unofficial repositories?
jozefs: there's only support for one repository so far
bharat: priority is to get a working, integrated repository. ETA?
jozefs: this weekend for primary repository, possibly with CDN support.

Discuss moving session management back into the DB

problem: sessions are hard to manage on the filesystem; there's no indexing.

  • move it all to db
  • move it all to db, use GDC somehow for caching active sessions
  • put session metadata in db, keep actual data on filesystem

resolution: bharat/mindless/valiant/volksport +1 on this for 2.1. Task updated.

Select required tasks for 2.1 release

  • 120411 [G2] Move Sessions into the Database
  • 116202 [G2] Downloadable Modules + Module Manager
  • 119570 [G2] Atomic Transactions when filesystem is involved

ACTION ITEM: Tim_j create tasks for anything that turned up in the usability report