Meeting Notes: Nov 16 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Nov 16 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2

  • No set date for RC-1. It's done when the blockers are done.
    • Some progress on blockers:
      • security 1.4 is done
      • all tests are green on all dbs
  • (jablko) webdav / httpauth: still a few things to do, see blocker list for details
    • webdav still has many blockers
    • jablko has a patch for 4 outstanding issues
  • (birdman) fixed important bugs / tests for DB2. we're getting very close to a 100% green state for DB2
    • Only things left are the 2 multibyte tests whose VARCHAR fieldss are too small. Known problem.
    • birdman working on REORG/RUNSTATS upgrade

Theme contest

  • We'd like to advertise it a little more.
    • volksport is too busy.
    • Joe7 is interested but also too busy
    • ckdake will drive it. He may not do the work, but he'll make sure it doesn't get left behind.
    • michiel can run banner ads
    • thumb has made a banner ad


  • ckdake has not received emails back from college proposal
    • will try again in December
  • G1 docs are way out of date
    • should we stop shipping with G1 docs and replace them with a link to the codex?
    • Need input from Tim_j
  • Team page
    • Everybody should add themselves to the page, following h0bbel's lead.

G2 Usability

Gallery Foundation

  • we need to contact SPI treasurer about tax exemption for gallery's non-donation income
    • schultmc will contact them on bharat's behalf

GMC search

  • slowly updating search indexes again so that we can try again to renable Drupal search
  • bharat needs to contact drupal devs
  • bharat owns this


  • no updates

Gallery 1

  • 1.5.5-pl1 released
  • h0bbel / ckdake get nervous on new G1 releases due to insufficient testing
  • If releasing a new version of G1 requires us to put more resources in the G1 section of the forums, then this is a bad thing for the project.
  • Quality control has been lacking in recent releases
  • We agree that G1.5.x releases need more testing and that G1.6 should be blocked until it has received sufficient testing
  • A G1.5 testing plan shouldn't be that hard: A matrix of major features + changes from the changelog vs. browser/server env. Exhaustive tesring is not necessary, just major features + changes since the last release.
  • G1.6 testing needs much more work. More environments and a more detailed feature list should span the matrix.

Last Week's Action Items

  • Bharat to send proposal about security task 1.2 to -core this weekend
    • Not done yet. Bharat is behind on this one.
  • Bharat to give input on security task 1.4
    • Done.
  • Virshu & Valiant to fix analyze / optimize and finish that task
    • Done.
  • valiant to send webdav root album davmount error report
    • jablko is on it.
  • jablko to fix codeaudit failures due to webdav / httpauth
    • Not done yet.
  • ckdake to contact volksport about better advertisement of theme contest
    • volksport is too busy to drive the theme contest; somebody else needs to drive.

Action Items

  • schultmc will contact SPI about tax-exempt status for non-donation project income
  • valiant, michiel, Joe7, ckdake will go through katrin's survey and give feedback
  • ckdake, Joe7, michiel will work on getting banner ads up for the theme contest
  • jablko to work on webdav blockers
  • bharat to work on security 1.2
  • valiant to work on security 1.4
  • birdman to work on DB2 REORG/RUNSTATS upgrade
  • Tim_j, ckdake will decide how to handle G1 docs