Meeting Notes: Nov 17 2005 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Nov 17 2005

From Gallery Codex


  • mindless
  • valiant
  • rizzo
  • dmolavi
  • Waldemar
  • mrtorrent
  • Joe7
  • h0bbel
  • bharat
  • volksport
  • jmullan


  1. Major API Bump
  2. SoC Merge Status
  3. G 2.1
  4. Other

Major API Bump

Schedule / Plan

  • Mindless takes the lead and coordinates the API bump
  • Bharat creates a branch (today) for all changes that go into the API bump
  • The branch will be closed and merged into HEAD in early / mid December
  • During this period, CVS commits to HEAD should be run by Bharat or Mindless to make sure it doesn't affect files that are changed in the branch too
  • Bharat will send an email to -core and -devel to let all know about the branch, its name and the commit guidelines
  • Branch name:
    • bharat: or maybe we should just have a single branch for this stuff that we reuse
    • mindless: [...] i do prefer fewer tags in cvs..
    • BRANCH_API_DEV it is, and we ever have problems with reusing this tag for branches in the furure, we can use BRANCH_API_DEV_2 etc.

What is part of the API bump?

  • Everything that is listed in GalleryModule.class
  • valiant's GalleryUrlGenerator changes will also be added to this list
    • Reason for that UrlGenerator changes are a simplification of the GalleryEmbed::init parameters
    • This change also allows for protocol and host overrides of all generated URLs
    • the arguments for generateUrl will also be changed according to the phpdoc comments by Bharat at the top of the method
    • We'll introduce a EmbedApi and it will be checked in the GalleryEmbed::init call
  • Joe7 will work on the GalleryEntitiy::save() -> parent::_save() change and it should go into the big API bump

SoC Merge Status

  • Mindless will work on getting the hidden items into G2.1
  • The picasa module is in its last review cycles (reviews by Bharat, code by Waldemar) and should make it into G2.1
  • Downloadable Plugins:

jozefs: As you may have noticed, I wasn't around for the past few days - my PSU died and fried several components in my computer, so I was out of action. jozefs: I don't have a dev environment currently set up and I have to get my data back from backups, so I'm about where I was last week.

    • dev environment is gone, time is lost
    • Upcoming steps:
      • jozefs: Complete integrating plugin migration into UI, write tests for new source file headers and change the headers
      • jozefs: Once I do that, someone will have to run a script that will go through all source files and add $I\d$ tags.
    • DP doesn't need any major API bump changes
    • ETA: jozefs: I dare not make any time estimates right now.

G 2.1

  • Mindless will work on getting the fotokasten module into G2.1, should be done shortly
  • Bharat is working with shutterfly on changing the module, they might want the user to agree to a EULA
  • Bharat reaffirmed that no new files should have the extension .php, else we have to audit that code carefully since it would be a new entry point
  • bharat: regarding 2.1, I think that it's hard to pick a date without seeing how the API work goes
  • mindless: i think target mid-december to close the branch
  • bharat: realistically I think that we should wait 2-3 weeks after merging the branch back in to release
  • mindless: then codefreeze early jan, release late jan?


  • h0bbel brought up the need for a new callback such that modules can register code that gets executed on every request (e.g. adding content to <head> to add google/analytics). A new task/RFE was created sf task.
  • rizzo is finishing the unit tests for his rating module today. That's the good news. The bad news is that he'll be busy the next weeks. So we should get his code reviewed and into CVS for now.
  • ColoredPixels floating theme needs to be reviewed, but since we're all busy right now, we'll discuss this next week.
  • Same goes for the usability study, we'll discuss this next week when we hopefully have more time