Meeting Notes: Oct 06 2005 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Oct 06 2005

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  • volkpsort
  • valiant
  • mindless
  • jozefs
  • jonatan
  • waldemar
  • bharat


  • All mentor forms are complete
  • Write up an SoC GMC article (volksport)


  • All tasks, assignments, goals, etc. should be on the SF tracker/tasks lists.
    • We will assign people tasks from these lists. Typically an individual should only have one task at a time, and should keep it updated with new information/status.

Downloadable Modules

  • bharat: but the long term vision here is that people can download official/unofficial/in-progress work via g2 which means that they don't need to get the full repo all the time, which means that we can let our cvs module grow

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