Meeting Notes: October 28 2008 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: October 28 2008

From Gallery Codex


  • ckdake (notes)
  • Joe7
  • alindeman
  • valiant
  • talmdal
  • bharat (late)
  • ymhee_bcex
  • h0bbel (late - was only there for G3 part)
  • tim_j (not here but sent status)
  • thumb (not here but sent status)

Project Tasks


  • need to find a buyer for GMC1
  • need to find a new home for ($50/mo -> $100/mo not ok) by Nov 30

Gallery 1

  • "Jallery" ->,
  • Need a story on this on GMC
  • And from (Bharat/Jesse):
  • 1.5.10 / 1.6-RC3 co-release date will be Nov 1
  • G1 is officially frozen starting Nov 1

Gallery 2.3

  • No more work on Gallery 2 except for critical bug fixes and security fixes - tradeoff is that in 3 months, G3 will still be < G2 for many purposes.
  • As with every G2 release, there are upgrade errors. nothing critical, no good explanations yet
  • No more G1/G2 development, just fixing critical bugs

GX Sprint

  • ckdake had a good time
  • bharat is pumped, talmdal is as well
  • virshu mailed bharat his bluetooth headset back :)
  • Gallery 3!

Project Management

Gallery 3

  • we work like hell for 3 months, get a product out that is a worthy successor to G2, even if it doesn't have all the features
  • not everyone would migrate right away, but that's ok - all new users would wind up on G3
  • then we find more ways to get G1/G2 users to migrate to G3
  • great prototype that we used to explore Kohana and some issues
  • what do we need to do to move this to gallery3 in svn?
  • bharat's points:
  1. I don't yet have a vision statement beyond "your photos on your website" and the expectations I've laid out in the past about our target user base
  2. We are in feature/product freeze for G1 and G2 while we're working on G3.
  3. We cannot build the application before we know what it looks like and how it acts. Which means we need to start with a UI