Meeting Notes: Sept 08 2005 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Sept 08 2005

From Gallery Codex

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Attending Devs

  • volksport
  • valiant
  • thumb
  • schultmc
  • dmolavi
  • thumb
  • mindless
  • beckett

Attending SoC

  • domainsquatter
  • rufous
  • jozefs
  • vavi
  • Jonatan`
  • mrtorrent


volksport: ok lets see SoC wrap up for any students that don't know the mentors have not filled out our evaluation yet we will do that in the next few days is my understanding

students: you may fill out your form anytime I believe, and probably should of by now. if you have any questions of have not yet for any reason please let me know.


  • bharat: The Drupal site is on target for final release on Saturday.
  • blockers: data migration for forum, pm system

G2 Release

  • (logo/codename) no, but i will handle that (by saturday -volksport)
  • (codename) change? inconceivable:
    • mindless +
    • volksport -
    • dmolavi -
    • valiant +
  • unpossible:
    • volksport, schultmc, dmolavi

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