Meeting Notes: Sept 22 2005 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Sept 22 2005

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  1. volksport
  2. jozefs
  3. _dv
  4. mindless
  5. dmolavi
  6. bharat
  7. valiant


  1. SoC Wrap-up (again, again)
  2. GMC Round up
  3. G2.1
  4. GMC links
  5. Gallery Local
  6. Paid Support/ Mods

SoC Wrap-up (again, again)

  • Still some mentors dont have their forms in
  • Remember to do your DDJ article if you plan on it!

GMC Round up


  • refine
  • refine
  • refine
  • UI
  • downloadable modules
  • Possibly other finished SoC Code

SoC modules, reduce the number of files that ship with the minimal and typical packages to make it easier to ftp it around, clean up the UI, find a useability expert and put him to work. bug fixes, clean up localization strings

3 months - January 2006

GMC Links

  • Codex

Gallery Local

  • Link on codex

  • Come back to this in a month or two with input from h0bbel, floridave, and others.

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