Meeting Notes: September 30 2008 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: September 30 2008

From Gallery Codex


  • ckdake (notes)
  • bharat
  • talmdal
  • virshu
  • jozefs
  • alindeman
  • Tim_j
  • jhilden
  • fryfrog

Project Tasks

Gallery 1

  • 1.5.9 is much more stable than 1.5.8
  • There will be a 1.5.10 release later this year to close up G1
  • Gallery 1.6
    • will not be released by Gallery (Tim_j may do so on his own somewhere else)
    • jmullan will write a release story for G1 along the lines of: 1.5.9 is the last release of Gallery 1 that will be supported by the Gallery team and in these forums. Do not dispair! __NEW_GALLERY_NAME__ is the new G1, and will continue to be developed on its own site: __NEW_G1_SITE__. Best of luck to the __NEW_G1_NAME__ team!
  • steps
  1. tim_j creates a new site/domain/etc
  2. jmullan writes up a post for GMC about this, and he and I edit it together
  3. We simultaneously pull 1.6 from our main page and post the story, sending all traffic over to tim_j's new site


  • gmc3 is ready to go says fryfrog

Gallery 2.3

  • 2.3-RC2 is ready
  • valiant: packages will be generated tonight/tomorrow so that -devel/-core can verify for release
  • talmdal: will lead testing of packages (basic sanity testing a la no file integrity warnings, basic functionality)
  • ckdake: will do the majority than the release process once files are on (not blue on gmc)
  • integrators and translators should be notified immediately after release
  • 2.3 still on track for mid October


GX Sprint

  • Bharat is coordinating with Google to make sure we have a place to work, needs to hear from people that need computers. (Will try and have extra monitors+keyboards)
  • Gallery is not currently paying for anyone to come other than possibly helping jhilden show up because he's a student
  • Need to finish working out housing/transportation
  • Wiki:
  • Lots of discussion about tech in #Gallery, reading that log will be more useful than notes here: starting at 22:43

Action Items For Next Week

(bold ones are overdue)

  • schultmc
    • update us on corporation status "Real Soon Now"
    • backport fixes and ask for code reviews or contact the security team to see if 2.2.5 can go in
    • post versions to
  • bharat
    • run complete test suite
  • talmdal
    • push johndbritton for more documentation
    • run full test suite

Not at Meeting

  • virshu
    • complete the G2.3 fixes
  • h0bbel
    • finish putting together MS testing plan ("I'll write an updated text tomorrow and get that done with. ")
    • add more to test matrix for other platforms ("No updates on MS testing plan, but I'll try to get something done about that before the next meeting.")
  • alindeman
    • review 341: ffmpeg
    • ping h0bbel to do something about paid support by next meeting
    • complete G2.3 fixes
  • beckett
    • look through integrations page on codex and update (remove obsoletes)

Completed Action items from last week