Meeting Notes: September 9 2008 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: September 9 2008

From Gallery Codex


  • ckdake (notes)
  • bharat
  • jhilden
  • tim_j (late)
  • talmdal (late)
  • ymhee_bcex (late)
  • valiant (late)
  • trbailey

Project Tasks


  • Summit at Googleplex.
  • talmdal definitely should go if Google is paying :)

Gallery 1

  • two bugs to be fixed, tim_j still needs to make reviews for each of them (they may be shared with 2.2.6 so will start discussion on -core as well)
  • need to coordinate release with 2.2.* and 2.3-*

Gallery 2.3

  • talmdal is slowly banging away at a couple of bugs
  • talmdal and ymhee_bcex both need to talk to valiant to figure out when we can get RC2 out the door
  • email going out to -core
  • 1.x and 2.2.6 depend heavily on 2.3-RC2 release
  • need valiants input to get to the next step
  • may be an IE issue about logging in. so far unable to reproduce. trbailey will look into it


  • SoU is pretty much over!
  • bharat is goign to talk to jhilden later about mockups
  • jhilden has 2 student teams that want to work on Gallery. Gallery2:Usability:Interface_Redesign_Fall_2008
  • UI mockups (goal being that developers get an idea of what the semantic HTML is like so we can divide out into what's generated by the core, what comes form modules, and what is applied by themes)
  • establishing personas is a good idea

What's Next

  • identify core concepts

Action Items For Next Week

(bold ones are overdue)

  • schultmc
    • update us on corporation status "Real Soon Now"
    • backport fixes and ask for code reviews or contact the security team to see if 2.2.5 can go in
    • post versions to

Not at Meeting

  • h0bbel
    • finish putting together MS testing plan ("I'll write an updated text tomorrow and get that done with. ")
    • add more to test matrix for other platforms ("No updates on MS testing plan, but I'll try to get something done about that before the next meeting.")
  • alindeman
    • review 341: ffmpeg
    • ping h0bbel to do something about paid support by next meeting
  • beckett
    • look through integrations page on codex and update (remove obsoletes)

Completed Action items from last week