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MySQL:Enabling InnoDB on Windows

From Gallery Codex

You may have received an error during the installation of Gallery 2 and your installation log might show:

 ... mysqlt error: [1289: The 'InnoDB' feature is disabled; you need MySQL built with 'InnoDB' to have it working]

This error usually occurs when running MySQL on a MS Windows server because the InnoDB engine is disabled by default. Alternatively, on FreeBSD, you could have modified your /etc/my.cnf and included skip-innodb in which case you could comment it out.

You have two options:

Recommended: Enable InnoDB as MySQL Engine on Windows

1. Shut down your MySQL server (stop the service)
2. Open my.ini (mysql's config file), which is located in your MySQL program folder.
3. In my.ini, find:
4. Replace this line with:
 # skip-innodb
5. Save the file
6. Start the MySQL server again

Now you can try to install Gallery again (redo all installation wizard steps).

Or: Use MySQL's MyISAM Engine Instead

In the database setup step of the Gallery installer, pick the "MySQL (versions before v3.23)" driver.