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Gallery:Summer of Code 2008

Ideas for Future

Notes from a discussion group run by Marty Connor with the Etherboot project at the mentor summit. Most of these ideas come from their project.

During the selection process they do

  • irc interviews (two team members interview with the candidate). They keep a private channel open for sidebar conversations with the mentors.
  • use skype to communicate with perspective students.
  • each student has to code a specific task and submit it to pastebin for review to access their coding style

When the student is accepted to the project, a wiki page is set for them with the following information

  • Time Zone, work hours when they will be on irc and .5 hour scheduled meeting 1-1 with their mentor.
  • A link to their git repository so the team can down load and look at their code at anytime
  • A Project Plan (the student's first task is to flush this out based on their application)
  • A Weekly journal
  • Project Notes.

The student pages for last summer can be found at . If we partipate next year, we might one to implement some of these.

Other tidbits

  • We GSoC aProject administrators can review the student's final evaluation by going to the midterm review url and change "midterm" to "final"
  • Leslie and her boss, did admit that projects that have Google employee's do get preference, but typically only if its about to be dropped because, it has performed well (not doing eval, failing students that have not performed, etc.) In these cases, if the Googler is willing to take the heat and the project is really serving a purpose then it may get preferential treatment and be allowed to stay in the program.
  • They feel that the program has as many slots as they can afford at the moment, so some projects may get dropped, for no other reason than to make room for a different project.
  • There is a another program GHOP which is run at the high school level. It was mentioned in passing but I think that it has to do with getting high school students involved on O/S projects by paying them to documentation. It might be worth looking into for G3 documentation.