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Gx Features/Improvements/Thoughts

I'm interested in making sure that Gx has sufficient flexibility that it can be used by professional photographers as all-inclusive platform for the sale of images. (This isn't as difficult as it sounds - you can throw away 90% of Gallery2 and still be left with enough.)


  • image security
  • flexible watermarking - that scale with the image, if required
  • some core support for a "collection of images" object would be useful, to be extended as cart contents, lightbox contents, favourite image selection. I realise this isn't a user feature as such but there are a lot of user features that have this in common.
  • flexible session support - if it's important to tie this to a feature then let's call it "returning-user recognition without requiring login"
  • Gx needs to be navigable by people "stuck in the last century" - bells and whistles are no use at all if a customer can't find their way around the basic site
  • zip/unzip for upload/download
  • multiple resizes. (Hardcoding the number of different resizes to any fixed number is about as ugly a technical solution as hardcoding a 640k memory limit in the IBM PC, imo.)
  • +1 for a basic blogging feature
  • single-password albums (i.e. no requirement for username) for sharing semi-private access easily.
  • allow admins to provide local translations for their own template edits, without recompiling .mo files
  • custom arbitrary image ordering *very* important - I set the custom sort order to the colour of the dress of the person in the photo, to make it easier for people to find themselves in an album of 400 pictures. I'd like visitors to be able to choose, for instance to order by time taken, or by colour.
  • faster autofocus
  • an end to hunger