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Bharat is a Gallery developer.



End User Perspective

  • Crisp UI
    • Big, easy to read fonts (like Wordpress)
    • Very little text
  • AJAX presentation
    • Ability to scroll around album without a new page load
  • All complex features hidden by default, but available with a single click
  • One-click way to specify whether you're on a small or large screen
  • RSS feed for albums and comments
  • Fast keyword search for albums and photos
  • Easy Commenting System
    • One-click AJAX to bring up comment interface, without leaving the page
    • One box for username (whatever you enter is remembered)
    • One box for comment
    • Inline comment preview
    • Save the comment without leaving the page.
  • Be able to see animated thumbnails for movies that show several frames of the movie
  • Be able to view a movie inline on the page without having to use an external viewer
  • View all photos in an album in a slideshow
  • EXIF information available on demand

Album Admin Perspective

  • Edit all aspects of an album with an AJAX interface
    • Rotate images inline with a single click
    • Edit all text inline
  • Ability to see the page the way that guests do
  • One click hide/show for individual images
  • Visual indicator that images are hidden from guests
  • Drag and drop image upload
  • Drag and drop reorder images and albums

Site Admin Perspective

  • Admin status splash page that provides all essential info about the install
    • Notification when there's a newer version of Gx available for download
    • Notification about new stories on GMC
    • One-touch publishing of data from Gx back to GMC
  • Advanced system which provides access to all complex features (make the impossible stuff possible, but it doesn't have to be easy to get to)
  • Integrated Anti-spam measures (captcha, akismet, etc) by default
  • Simple logging system to see recent system events
  • Maintenance system that provides common operations with one click
    • Single "Tune Up Gallery" task that does all common operations
  • Super fast plugin list
  • Ability to enable many plugins at once (check the ones you want, click one button)
  • Downloadable Plugins
  • One-click upgrade of all available plugins
  • One theme for the entire site

Module Developer Perspective

  • Creating a new module is really easy (less than 1 minute)
  • There are clear, concise step by step directions to create a new module
  • Meta information about module is separate from the code
  • Module can register a URL space (eg: "/comment") and handle all requests in that space
  • Module can register new maintenance tasks
  • Module can register new site admin pages
  • Module can store its own metadata
  • Module can be called before/after an item is created, modified or deleted
  • Module can export a set of blocks, to be used by themes
  • Module has access to the following hooks:
    • after create/modify/delete photo/album/movie
    • validate form input
    • perform initialization tasks
    • perform cleanup tasks
    • perform periodic (eg: cron) tasks
    • search its own metadata
  • Module can perform an update from an old version to the current version

Theme Developer Perspective

  • Creating a new theme is really easy, you can do it in 1 minute
  • Easy access to all internal objects
  • There is clear, concise step-by-step documentation for creating a theme
  • No restrictions on how output works
    • Print statements are ok
    • PHP templates are ok
  • Can do an entire new look with just a CSS file (a la CSS Zen Garden)
  • Theme has access to the following hooks
    • Put HTML:
      • at the top of the page
      • in the head element
      • at the bottom of the page
      • at the beginning of every form