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My Person

My Name is Markus Wilhelm, I am born in 1975 and studied Business informatics at University of Regensburg. Now I am Global E-Business Manager of Osram Opto Semiconductors. Next to the two projects below I do have four other Gallery2 Integrations running on XTC (XT-Commerce Shop system), Joomla and Drupal. These projects are related to some friends of mine I helped to create a representative Website for their business. I just used the integartions of others, so many thanks to them for their good job.

Embedding Gallery2 into Rescue Dog Portal

Since 2002 I am developing a Portal solution for the Bavarian Red Cross to offer Rescue Dog groups the possibility to use this as a CMS system and to manage the organisational task of their group.

One step on this long way was to integrate a photo gallery solution and the decission was made for gallery2. So next step was to integrate the gallery2 into the webpage of the portal, great therer is embed. So I embedded gallery together with the syncronisation of all users, groups and permissions. And it works.



Embedding Gallery2 into WBB

For a long time I am admin of a forum based on Woltlab Buletin Board. Woltlab released a new version and I decided to switch off my old gallery and create a gallery2 integration plugin. So again the target is to administer the most important things inside the administration tool of the board and to syncronise all users and groups.

After the release of the intitial Version V1.0.8 Pl1 the devlopment on this plugin is going into a new cycle. You will find more informations on this plugin here Integration:WBB3



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