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Category:Gallery 3:Modules

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Modules are used to extend or change core G3 behavior. There are two types of modules with in Gallery3:

  • Core: modules required in order to function properly.
  • Contributed: modules that extend the functionality of the basic gallery3 product.

The real difference between the two types is who supports and is responsible for them.

The core team is responsible for maintaining core and optional modules. There are coding and documentation standards that must be met for general release. Changes to the core modules have a stringent review process in place to insure that any changes provide a high quality product with know impact of current and future installations.

For Contributed modules, the community is responsible for the maintenance of these modules. This is not to say a core team member may develop and assist in the enhancing a contributed module, but they are not part of the core product. The core team does not require or enforce standards and using the review process is optional. These are truly a case of use at your own risk.

Community Contributed Modules

Members of the community have written modules to extend Gallery3. Sometimes a facility is needed that the G3 development team has not provided. These modules can be useful to others and are cataloged here for the benefit of the community. These modules are supported by their respective support teams.

If a module is listed as being available in the gallery3-contrib git repository, you can download it from, instead of downloading the entire repository from git. If you don't see the module you want listed, send a note to the module author to get it uploaded to the repository.

Detailed module installation directions: Gallery3:User_guide:Modules:Installing_and_upgrading#How_to_install_a_module

As a courtesy we are providing a list of Obsolete and or not supported modules to keep this list manageable & up to date.