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Dynamic Album


Adds dynamic album views that show items based on a number of different criteria. These criteria can be set by configuring the Dynamic Albums module. The items are shown in an album view, but may come from many different albums across the gallery. The options are:

  • Updates Album - Shows recently added items.
  • Popular Album - Shows popular items based on the number of views.
  • Random Album - Shows random items from the gallery in an album.


  • For each type of dynamic album you can set:
    • A description for the album
    • The album size (total number of items; depending on theme settings this may span multiple pages)
    • Type of items to show (photos, subalbums, both)
    • Whether to show a link to this dynamic album in the "item actions" shown with regular gallery albums and photos
  • You can select a theme and define theme settings that apply to all three dynamic albums


  • Install and activate this module from the site admin -> plugins page.
  • Configure the dynamic albums in site admin -> dynamic albums.
  • The site admin page shows the URL for each view. Activate and configure the URL Rewrite module to use nicer/shorter URLs.

Requested Features

  • Can create virtual "static" album for the dynamic albums.
  • Dynamic album for selected user (for example, show user's albums or items) - usefull for integrating with Drupal