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Hidden Items Module

Hide albums / items from the public.


Adds option to hide albums or items in General tab of edit item.

An anonymous user can visit the direct URL to view the album or item.

After an anonymous user visits the album once, it is "unhidden" for them. This means that they can visit the URL directly, then go up one level and see the album they just visited.

Note: If you want to hide an item / album and prevent that guests can access it with a direct URL, then use the normal Gallery item permissions. Just remove the view permissions from the Everybody group.


  • Once you've unhidden an album it will be visible via Search and all other Gallery operations. If you want to see what other users see, you have to log out and back in again. Or if you're already a guest, you need to clear your cookies to get a new session.
  • Permalinks generated by the Permalink module may fail to qualify as a direct URL, in which case permalinks will not unhide the hidden album.

Example of use

Unlike Gallery1's hidden feature, with Gallery2 the anonymous user must visit the hidden album URL directly before they are able to view any items within it.

For example, the anonymous user would visit:

Then the visitor can view the contents of that album, or follow direct links. e.g. by visiting links like: