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Permalinks Module

Use permanent links (URLs) as addresses for your albums and items.


One of the nice and bad aspects of G1 was that the namespace of albums was flat: you couldn't have two albums named the same within the same gallery. G2, with its truly hierarchical albums, fixes this, at the expense of those nice short descriptive URLs: URLs in G2 are either very long or meaningless (with the rewrite module).

Example of an original URL:

Example of a normal short URL:

With Permalinks, you can have the best of both worlds: short descriptive URLs for some of your albums (and even any other item) which have the added benefit of not changing if you move an album into a different parent album.

Example of a permalink URL:


  • Install and activate URL Rewrite rule
  • Install and activate the permalinks module
  • Goto Site admin -> URL rewrite, Tab Rules, Section Permalinks an activate it.
  • Add/delete permalinks for items in General tab of "Edit Item" / "Edit Album" / "Edit Photo."
  • Optional: Turn on auto-permalink creation and delete existing permalinks in Site Admin -> Permalinks.

After activating the module, you need to enable the corresponding URL Rewrite (the URL Rewrite module also needs to be enabled, using either "Apache mod_rewrite" or "PHP pathinfo"). Once that's done, you can define a Permalink for any item in that item's edit interface. You can then access the item using a short URL that doesn't depend on the item's location. The URL is build from the gallery-base-URI, a fix path (default "f/") defined in Site-Admin section Permalinks (see above) and the Permalink defined for the item ("myitem" in the example).

Example using the "Apache mod_rewrite" option:

Example using using the "PHP pathinfo" option:

Some more explanation:

  • Check directory /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ for the mod_rewrite module to be loaded. This is preferred over php_pathinfo.
  • Log in Gallery2 with an administrator account and click Site Admin, then Plugins, and check for a Green Check at plugin Permalinks. If you see a Red Check instead, click this module's name and follow instructions.
  • The instructions suggest to create a .htaccess file that's writable by the web server in your Gallery2 directory.
  • After activation, Gallery2 will write an impressive Apache URL Rewrite section to this .htaccess file.
  • Either set a Permalink to an individual item or album by clicking on Edit Item or Edit Album, or enable Auto-Permalinks in Site Admin -> Permalinks.
  • Check the Apache error.log on any problem. If it shows ".htaccess: Option FollowSymlinks not allowed here" try removing "Options +FollowSymlinks" from the .htaccess file in your Gallery2 directory.


  • If also using the Hidden module, it is not possible to use a permalink to unhide a hidden item.
  • The Permalinks plugin does not change or affect navigation methods inside Gallery. So if you publish your permalink some place you will in effect have at least 2 URLs to your items (photos, movies, etc).