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Replica Module

Copy an item to another album without using double the disk-space.


Adds menu action to create item copies that share the same original data file.

  • replicas are separate items that use the same physical data file (e.g. image file) as the original.
  • replicas have separate thumbnail / resize / watermark settings than the original.
    • the unwatermarked full-size file is shared with the original, all other versions of the item (thumb, resizes, watermarked fullsize) are new and not shared.


  • Install and activate the replica module in site admin -> Plugins
  • Browse to an item that you'd like to copy/replicate
  • Click "Create replica" and choose the target album.

Up through Gallery 2.1 this was known as "Create Link" and was a standard option. In 2.2 this became a separately installed module and the action is "Create Replica".

Note: You can't use this module to copy / link albums. Use the linkitem module if you want to show an album in several other albums.

Known Issues


  • If you want all Replicas to link to the original items, you can accomplish this easily by modifying the album template for your theme. See example.