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Sitemap Module

Generates a Google Sitemap for your complete Gallery.


  • Google Webmaster Tools - Sitemap
  • What's Google Sitemap?
  • This plugin creates the XML output (as defined by and google), but does not create a sitemap file in the expected location (
  • You will have to manually submit the output xml URL to google and the other search engines since this plugin doesn't create a sitemap.xml file (per
  • This plugin probably does not limit its output for very large sites: "You can provide multiple Sitemap files, but each Sitemap file that you provide must have no more than 50,000 URLs and must be no larger than 10MB (10,485,760 bytes)." (
  • No Sitemap Index file (sitemap_index.xml) is created


  • Install the sitemap module (Site Admin -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins -- look for it in the Export category)
  • Instructions are in Site Admin -> Sitemap (look for Export category)

Feature Requests

  • Make it fully compliant
    • search engines will automatically look for the files and find them so that you won't have to submit the url to the search engines.
    • Put output in sitemap.xml file(s) stored in the gallery2 root directory
    • Create sitemap_index.xml file
    • limit output for very large sites
  • schedule automatic updates of sitemap xml files
  • Ability to mark albums/items specifically for exclusion from the sitemap index