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Tag Tree Module

This module uses tags in addition to the regular album hierarchy to organize large galleries. It shows up as a dynamic tree in a Gallery2 block.

  • Albums will be listed as children of both their parent album and their tags.
  • Albums can be grouped together by giving them a common tag. For example, all albums tagged Vacation will appear as children to the Vacation node in the tree.
  • Albums that have multiple tags can be found by expanding any of those tags.
  • Drilling down into the tree by selecting multiple tags finds albums that have all the selected tags.
  • Not all tags or albums appear at the root level, because the module detects tags that naturally belong as children somewhere deeper in the hierarchy.
  • It is no longer necessary to have a complex directory hierarchy in order to organize a gallery. All the albums can be top-level directories. The Tag Tree module automatically generates a hierarchy that has all the advantages of a directory hierarchy combined with the added flexibility of tags.
  • The interface is intuitive for both maintainers and visitors.

Tag Tree differs from a traditional folksonomy on a few points.

  • The tree is a hierarchical view of flat tags.
  • The tags themselves are just regular tags that are not hierarchical in any way.
  • From these tags, a natural hierarchy is automatically detected.
  • Tag Tree can be used to organize more tags and more items than either a directory-based hierarchy or a tag cloud.
  • Tag Tree works best if a single authority is responsible for setting the tags, rather than the community.
  • Tag Tree works best if the owner usually tags items that would belong together in the hierarchy.

Tag Tree is based on the Album Select module. It uses the XLoadTree library. It requires the Tags module, at least version 1.4, to be installed.



This is how the Tag Tree looks on the author's photo gallery. The gallery contains about 100 albums with about 5000 items. This screenshot shows two different ways to find the photos for vacations in 2005.