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Gallery 3 is the newest addition to the Gallery Project's portfolio of intuitive photo, video and audio sharing web application solutions. Upon its launch in the Fall of 2010, Gallery 3 offers more control, better uploading and enhanced performance. Its design is based on the the feedback provided by the Gallery Community of Users at large. Serving millions, Gallery is the most widely used system of its kind. Gallery 3, like its predecessors, Gallery 1 and Gallery 2, is free to download and use.

Version 3.0.4 of Gallery 3.0 is currently available for all to download and use on their website. Download and install Gallery 3 or upgrade from a previous version.

The Gallery Development Team met the last weekend of August, 2009 in Santa Fe, NM for its annual GalleryCon. During that conference the team fixed reported Beta 2 bugs in preparation for the launch of Gallery 3.0. The Team also reviewed the Season Of Usability 2009 Survey Results which provided valuable insights into user preferences and satisfaction.

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Some features discussion

Feature G2 G3 Discussion
Permission options Lots Limited G2's permissions were difficult to manage both in the user interface and in the code, and while a subset of users really needed them, most can get by without them.
Permissions for separate items Yes No You can only set permissions at the album level. You must group similarly permissioned items by album.
Resizing Many Few You can have a single thumbnail size, and a single resize for the whole Gallery. This is something we could improve on in a 3rd party module, I believe although I haven't tested it.
Deleting multiple items Through the UI Through the UI The organize module should allow this functionality by the RC 2 release.

PHP compatibilities

Gallery Version PHP 4.3 PHP 5.2 PHP 5.3 PHP 5.4 PHP 5.5
v1.5.x Fully Compatible Generally Compatible Partially Compatible Not Compatible Not Compatible
v2.3.2 Fully Compatible Fully Compatible Fully Compatible Fully Compatible Generally Compatible
v3.0.8 Not Compatible Fully Compatible Fully Compatible Fully Compatible Generally Compatible


Please note: this page is outdated as of April 2013 and is in need of a massive update to reflect current status of 3.x branch.