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Gx Design/Coding Sprint

This is a landing page for GalleryX discussions. There will be links to external documents, requirements discussions, and architectural discussions.


Bharat's big doc:

Gx Features Spreadsheet:

Sprint agenda:

Coding Guidelines (more or less the same as for G2, a little more lax):


October 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2008


1) You should only plan on attending this event IF YOU PLAN TO COMMIT TIME TO WORKING ON THE PROJECT. Please do not show up with opinions and little else. Please do not show up and push a bunch of crazy ideas, then vanish into the woodwork and expect others to drive it forward.

2) You should only plan on attending if you are an active participant in the design discussions on the -devel mailing list between now and the time of the Gx sprint. If you can't find time to participate now, then I do not believe that you'll find time after this.

3) You should know that this is going to be a working session. We're going to maximize the time that we're together by spending 8+ hours a day for 3 days actually building the new product. You should bring a laptop (I can try to get Google loaners if you don't have one, but don't count on it) and expect to spend this time working. We will not be fooling around. This is not an excuse to come socialize with your Gallery friends.

The above ground rules are a requirement for bharat's participation. If you can't abide by the above rules then bharat will ask you not to participate (bharat really means it: bharat will kick you out of the meeting).


October 22

October 23

October 24


Who's in:

 Bharat, Andy, Tim, CK, Chad, Jesse, Dave, Jakob, Dave, Jozef

Who's almost in:

  Robert (said something about coming on irc, haven't heard since)
  Jay (might drive down with or without the fam)

Who I haven't heard from yet:


Who's not in:


Arrivals and Sleeping

Take the Caltrain!

Name Arrival Sleeping Departing From Airport To Airport
Bharat Resident Hosting 1 or 2
Andy Resident Hosting 1
Jesse Resident Hosting 2+ peeps
Don Resident Can host 1+
Chad Tue 21 Oct 8:10pm (Southwest 1364) OAK Tue-Thu w/bharat, Friday w/friend 25 Oct 11:00 AM OAK Jesse Friend
Jakob Tue 21 Oct 9:48pm (Northwest 347) SFO w/Jesse 25 Oct 12:40pm SFO Don Caltrain
Dave Tue 21 Oct 6:37pm (Alaska 316) SFO w/Don 25 Oct 4:32pm SFO Caltrain Caltrain
Felix Tue 21 Oct late at night Palo Alto Oct 24th evening or 25 morning Self Self
Jozef 18 Oct 19:20 (LH458) SFO Andy Sun 26 Oct 22:15 LH459 SFO  ??  ??
ckdake Sun 19 Oct 11am (DL 1579) SJC w/Jesse 2008.10.26 6:30AM DL 1652 SJC Jesse Jesse
Tim Tue 21 Oct 2:05pm (Alaska 326) SJC w/bharat 2008.10.26 7:55PM SJC Don  ??
Jay  ???
Robert  ??? Resident
Alan  ??? Resident

Hardware requirements

Name Has Laptop Notes
Bharat Yes
Andy Yes
Jesse Yes
Tim Yes Would like a monitor
ckdake Yes monitors are always awesome. I'm bringing a mouse!
Dave Probably Laptop is being replaced, might have a old clunker to bring otherwise
Jakob Yes Would like a monitor since his screen is only 12"
Jozef Yes
Chad Yes Yes, same reason as Jakob :)
Felix Yes Would like a monitor


Requirements Description

I'd like each of you to come up with a *prioritized* list of the features that you want to see in the product.

I'm not the best person at writing feature descriptions, but here's kind of what I'm thinking about (perhaps others with more product/feature experience might want to provide better examples). Note that these are


1. Album owners can create a new album with 2 clicks 2. Album owners can one-click rotate a single image while viewing an album 3. End-users can upload an image by dragging and dropping it into an album

Here are some examples of requests that are NOT FEATURE DESCRIPTIONS:

1. Each photo should be one row in the database 2. Admins should be able to use memcache/APC/etc.

Submitted requirements

Signe's requests:

Ckdake's thoughts:

Thumb's thoughts:

Alecmyers' thoughts:

Pierre's thoughts:

Lvthunder's thoughts:

Schultmc's thoughts:

Jozef's thoughts:

Bsussman's thoughts:

Jakob's thoughts:

Serban's thoughts:

Jens' thoughts:

Talmdal's thought:



bharat: (drupal, cakephp, etc) in multiple languages (java servlets, python's django, etc)

jmullan: drupal, kohana (codeigniter for php5), zend

valiant: i'd look at flow3 (typo3 NG), drupal, joomla, code igniter, ZF, django, g2, zenphoto,