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Gallery3:Modules:html5 upload

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  • Author: slomo
  • Download: Github
  • Version: See Git‎


Simple alternative HTML5 uploader dialog with drag and drop support using XHR upload.


  1. From the authors github git repository
  2. Extract the html5_uploader_progress module to the gallery3/modules/ directory on your G3 install. You need to rename the directory after extraction from Zip. Remove "-master" from the end of the directory.
  3. Activate the module: Admin -> modules -> check the box next to the module. Click update.


  • This module replaces the default G3 uploader with a HTML5 version.
  • In an album select 'add photos' from the admin menu.
  • Optional: Add any tags (comma separated) to the tags form box.
  • In the dialog, browse to the photo you want to add and select it. or:
  • Drag image(s) from your desktop to the the drop-zone on the dialog window. Once dropped they will be uploaded.
  • Upload. Done.


Screen shots

Html5upload dialog.png

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