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This module allows the import of files from a directory on your server.

Note: Only a Gallery 3 user with administrator privileges is able to import files from the local file system of the server where Gallery 3 is installed.


  • Import files already on your server
  • Automate album creation and maintain image/folder hierarchy.
  • FTP to your upload folder, then run Server add for a streamlined workflow.


  1. Activate Server add module: Admin > Modules. That's It.


  1. Make a new folder in your server, or use an existing one. (Example: /gallery3/photos)
  2. From the Admin Dashboard, click Settings > Server add, or click on the popup button that appeared at the top of the page.
  3. Input the path to the folder you created. Local pathnames should work. (Example: "photos" [no quotes])
  • The path is a server file structure, not a url. eg to use the uploads directory you would input home/<username>/sitename/uploads
  • You can't upload directly to/from the gallery3/var/ directory or any sub-directory of it.

Using ServerAdd

  1. The Add menu item now has the Server add option. Click on it, and dialog window will pop-up where you can select directories or photos to import. If you select a directory, that directory will be imported as an album and any items in that directory, including sub-directories, will be imported into that album. Gallery will create an album for each directory it imports.
  2. If you double-click on a directory in the Server Add dialog window it will expand to show the files and folders it contains. You can select these rather than their parent.
    • Using this feature it is possible to specify just one authorised directory for uploads. If, for example, you specify home/<username>/sitename/var/uploads and FTP files and folders into that directory, you can access them by double-clicking on uploads in the Server Add dialog window.

Screen shots

Add an Authorized Path

G3 ServerAdd AuthorizedPaths.gif

Add photos from the server

G3 ServerAdd AddFromServer.gif

Photos add window

G3 ServerAdd AddWindow.gif

Double-click upload to list its contents and select photos to add

G3 ServerAdd AddWindow ShowingFiles.gif


  • There is some folder/directory/item names that would cause issues. Names of albums or items like: album, admin, photo, movie, user, and any module that you have installed those names would conflict.
  • Some users experience an issue where they can't add items. Try this workaround:
  • Some users are unable to remove paths via the trash can. Use the Admin -> settings -> Advanced to clear the paths.

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