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Raw Photos adds support for raw photo formats that are produced by digital cameras. When photos are imported, they are converted to the JPEG format using the dcraw tool.


  1. Upgrade your Gallery installation to 3.0.3 or higher. Before version 3.0.3 is released, you will have to pull build 164 or higher using git.
  2. Use git to pull the module source from rawphoto.
  3. Install the dcraw tool. To access all features, use at least version 8.81. Installation may not be possible without elevated permissions on your web host.
  4. Activate one of the graphics toolkits that supports the PPM image format: either ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick. Raw Photos will not work with GD.
  5. Activate the module at Login -> Admin -> Modules. Check the box next to the module Raw Photos. Click Update at the bottom of the page.
  6. Optionally, enable the Keep Original module to preserve the original raw format. Otherwise, the files will be converted to the JPEG format and the originals will be discarded.
  7. Configure the Raw Photos module at Login -> Admin -> Raw Photos. You can optionally add an ICC profile, to fine tune the color conversion.


See the forum topic.

Version history

Version 4 (in development)

  • Preserve EXIF information, and allow the autorotate module to reorient photos
  • Extend support to more raw photo formats

Version 3

  • Require Gallery 3.0.3 or higher, for item conversion support

Version 2

  • Extend support to older dcraw versions from 3.40 to 8.80

Version 1

  • Initial release