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Adds a slide show link and provides a cool Pic-lens slide show.

This is a standard, default module. It comes with Gallery 3 and is not installed or activated by default.

Installation / Configuration

Note: this module is not installed and activated by default

  1. Activate Slide show module: Admin > Modules
  2. Done.

Some customization can be done:
go to Admin > Settings > Advanced and look for the "max_scale" value which will be set to 0 which means "don't scale small images". Set that to 2 to scale images up by a factor of 2. They'll never scale over the size of the screen so you can set it to an arbitrarily high number.

Similar module



Pic-lens quality of upscaled images

Why is the slideshow "go.js" loaded from an external site?

If you want to only allow resized images to be used:
You can edit the RSS feed template in modules/rss/views/feed.mrss.php -- look for the blocks that use the full url and turn them off:

   52      <? $view_full = access::can("view_full", $item); ?>                                      
   53      <? if ($item->type == "photo" && $view_full): ?>                                         
   54        <media:group>                                                                          

Change line 52 to: <? $view_full = false; ?>

If you use full size pictures take care they are accessible for the slideshow: Grant "view full size" to "Everybody" on album level ( Album options -> Edit permissions )

There is a bug with the cooliris slideshow: Albums or items with ampersand (&) in the title does not work.
Also if the title has a comma there is a issue where the items don't show.