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Integration:WPG2 Team

From Gallery Codex

The WPG2 plugin would not exist without the help from the following people:

  • valiant (Principle G2 Embedded API Author)
  • Capt Kirk (Author of G2Image. Without him you would not have an image selector)
  • MonkeyBoy (or ClimbingMonkey on here) (For being there from the beginning and not forgetting to help me from time to time)
  • Beta Testing Team (For finding more bugs that I really wanted you to)
  • Tireless Help from all the others who help support WPG2.

With special mention for the following people:

  • ev3rywh3re (For helping me with a whole lot of WPG2 2.1 G2Image Changes)
  • viper007 ( Helping me on the right track when getting the WPG2 2.1 g2image changes underway)