Meeting Notes: June 10 2008 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: June 10 2008

From Gallery Codex


  • ckdake (notes)
  • virshu
  • Tim_j
  • alindeman
  • bharat
  • phinze
  • talmdal
  • schultmc
  • jmullan

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • phinze
    • in the middle of phase III of roadmap (
    • bharat is worried about putting test/review/cleanup at the end (hasn't worked in years past SoC stuff)
    • going to work on getting tests started now, as well as taking more of an extreme programming approach.
    • beckett is going to have time when he and phinze are online at the same time for discussion
  • johndbritton
    • not at meeting but reported to -devel that he's on schedule
    • talmdal will make sure he's doing end-to-end development

Summer of Usability

Gallery 1

  • 1.5.8-RC1 and 1.6-alpha4 soon (this weekend?)
  • 1.5.8 testing is taking much longer than expected, it's really too much for one person to test.
  • expected to be done with it tomorrow pm German time.
  • Will e-mail -core when G1 releases are ready in svn


  • Hotel/Restaurant booked
  • Need ideas for things to do during the day -> wiki section and -core email

Gallery 2.3

  • unit tests all green
  • readme review is finished
  • jmullan is making icons progress
  • need to do testing on other platforms, etc
  • need logo and codename (discuss on -devel)
  • last blocker was WPG2 /password (talmdal: can't get head around it, valiant will try to drive this weekend/next week)
  • 2 new blocker bugs: DP and combinedJS (virshu will take a look)
  • should fix one or two of issues before RC, rest can be done during the RC phase

Gallery 2.2.5

  • bharat and valiant meeting tonight to start off the release process
  • ckdake will do some driving of the release

Action Items For Next Week

(bold ones are overdue)

  • ckdake
    • continue to get fryfrog/talmdal to help with some release testing
    • continue to harass bharat about G1 reviews, G2 reviews, SoC
    • dry run of G2 release process
    • follow up with fryfrog to do some SQLite testing (from several months ago nightly -> upgrade to latest in SVN)
  • jmullan
    • commit icons for paularmstrongdesigns and KSIcons
  • schultmc
    • update us on corporation status "Real Soon Now"
    • backport fixes and ask for code reviews or contact the security team to see if 2.2.5 can go in
  • alindeman
    • review 341: ffmpeg
  • virshu
    • bug: "[G2] G2.3 Site Admin & Embedded Sessions

Not at Meeting

  • h0bbel
    • finish putting together MS testing plan
    • add more to test matrix for other platforms
  • beckett
    • look through integrations page on codex and update (remove obsoletes)

Completed Action items from last week

  • tim_j
    • continue work on G1 security issues including backporting to 1.5 series.