Meeting Notes: Sept 15 2005 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Sept 15 2005

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  • valiant
  • h0bbel
  • mindless
  • volksport
  • dmolavi

Summer of Code

  • mentor apps: bharat, h0bbel and valiant are finished. i dont know about ckdake, signe, jmullan, or volksport.
  • email mentors to make sure, and give them instructions (volksport)
  • add tasks in task tracker for integration of each SoC project (???)

Drupal website GMC

  • announce on -announce (???)
  • put your GMC issues into the gallery trackers for voting! (everyone)
  • separate out DB to GMC1? (bharat - weeks away)
  • put GMC bugs, tasks, rfes from (GMC:Drupal_Issues) on to the Gallery trackers and use mindless' voting node to prioritize. (h0bbel)
  • task lisk has been started, the issues on [GMC:Drupal_Issues] that has been ported to the task list is marked with the link to the task.

G 2.0

  • no huge issues in the forums yet (mindless/valiant)
  • h0bbel is trying g2 support (yay!)

G 2.1

  • currently slated for january(ish) 2006 (your mom)
  • consider releasing as soon as jozefs' downloadable modules (and possibly _dv's work) is in. (your dad)

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