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Jakob was the Season of Usability 2008 student.

GalleryX Features/Improvements

List of features and improvements that I would like to see get implemented into GalleryX as of September 24 2008. It is not really prioritized, sorry.


  • ubiquitous tooltips
  • no too long help descriptions immediately within the interface (that often describe edge cases and help practically nobody)


  • simplify that navigation
  • get rid of ambiguous items: e.g. reorder vs. rearrange
  • all image manipulation functions (edit, delete, rotate, ...) should be right in context with the photo and not in some navigation in the sidebar
  • look into getting rid of the sidebar navigation and try to replace it with a simple head navigation + footer
  • use Javascript lightbox for features, where it makes sense (login, registration, upload, ...) to not distract people form these tasks


  • a nifty AJAX drag'n'drop photo organizer to rearrange albums (see Flickr)
  • better visual differentiation between Gallery items (e.g. photos vs. albums)
  • end user dashboard (what's new?)
  • admin dashboard (see Wordpress)
  • you already know what I have to say about the upload interface
  • default support for tagging
  • get rid of most of the metadata fields
  • photo annotation
  • bigger thumbnails by default