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This is a list of recent installation errors. Maybe they help solving new problems and maybe we can find a pattern to reduce the future installation problems.

Error installing Gallery Core

Core module is only partially installed.
Error installing Gallery Core 

no response from user Mojoski, should be solved with RC-1, G2B4, mysql-3.23.58, apache2, php-4.2.2, linux, firefox

no response from user keevan, should be solved with RC-1

no response from user loxie28, should be solved with RC-1

solved with RC-1

solved with RC-1

no response from user chrisg123 and b8, should be solved with RC-1 G2B4, Apache 1.3.6, mysql 3.23.51, 4.2.1, Win XP Prof. SP2, Firefox

no response from user emorr, should be solved with RC-1

no response from user applejax33, should be solved with RC-1

no response from user yearginsm, should be solved with RC-1

no response from user cleb , Nine1724, should be solved with RC-1

combination of problems, but mainly: the user ran the installer instead of the upgrader.

solved by installing Beta 3 and upgrading to beta 4 !?!?

G2B3, Linux

probably solved. user tried to move G2 from 1 host to another, but didn't follow the step by step guide we have for that.


there's also another problem involved: "Cannot find server or DNS Error" in IE G2B3, apache 2, mysql 3.23.54, PHP 4.2.2,, linux,browser myie2


G2B3 solved by increasing the PHP memory limit

G2B3 solved by increasing the PHP memory limit

solved by retrying again and again with empty g2data/db

G2B3, modified files / file integrity issue. no user response.

G2B3, somehow, no config.php file was created ?!, solved by copying a config.php file and adding db user/pw/connection in the config.php file manually.

G2B3, PHP 5+, solved by fixing the PHP ze1_compatibility_mode, the user first ignored this.

G2B3, no user response

G2B3, user tried to use existing g2 database. G2B4 would detect this attempt.

G2B3, probably solved. user forgot to clean the g2data folder

G2B3, no user feedback. probably no clean g2data or file integrity problem

G2B3, unknown reason, somehow solved.

G2B3, user ran installer instead of upgrader. couldn't happen with G2B4

G2B3, user ran installer instead of upgrader. couldn't happen with G2B4

G2B2, user ignored integrity check warning.

G2B2, probably solved. user didn't clean the g2data folder.

ERROR_STORAGE_FAILURE in install core module step

G2B4, apache, MySQL 4.1.9, php 4.4.0, winXP, Firefox

(tried to share database with mambo, didn't work for some reason. solved by using another database for G2)

probably solved. it was a missing files issue. solved by reuploading the files until all warnings in the system checks step were gone.

G2B3, Unable to activate the core module, no user response

G2B3, user ignored file integrity check (missing, modified files)

G2B3, PHP 4.3.2, Apache/2.0.46, mysqlt 3.23.58, Linux, Firefox/1.0, trying to install a new multisite, unknown reason

G2B3, OSX, user ignored file integrity warning (missing / modified files). several unarchiving programs didn't work.

G2B3, Warning: pg_exec(): Query failed: ERROR: ALTER TABLE / ADD CONSTRAINT is not implemented for that constraint type. webserver/database misconfiguration, could be solved by admin.


probably a missing / modified files issue

file integrity issue, user ignored warning. probably solved.


G2B3, mysql, linux, no user response

Fatal error: call to undefined function: debug_backtrace()

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: debug_backtrace() in /home/....../ on line 961 adodb bug for PHP version < 4.3?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: setÿ¤()

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: setÿ¤() in /home/MYUSERNAME/public_html/gallery/modules/core/classes/GalleryStorage/DatabaseStorage.class on line 401

G2B3, Apache 1.3.33, MySQL 4.0.24, PHP 4.3.11, Linux, IE 6, unknown reason, probably a file integrity issue, no user feedback.


G2B3. user forgot to clean g2data before installing G2 again. since G2B4, it should do that automatically in the database setup step.

G2B3, user forgot to clean g2data. additionally, there were missing/modified files.

Modules Not Installed

Modules were not correctly installed. Solved by increasing the PHP memory_limit

I also had the same issue. I agree this should be more than a "warning" during installation. However, I think the issue isn't an installation issue; it's just that installed modules are not displayed if the memory limit is 8MB.

    The issue doesn't require a re-install, as the above link suggests.
    Just increase the memory_limit in your php.ini file, and restart Apache.
    -David P,

Warning: session_start()

G2B4, PHP misconfiguration

mysql error: [1267: Illegal mix of collations ...

When using mysql 4.1.10 and choosing a non-english language in the installer, you'll probably run into a database error, e.g.

mysql error: [1267: Illegal mix of collations (ascii_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_swedish_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='] in EXECUTE("

yard has found out that this is a mysql bug which is fixed in MySQL 4.1.13. MySQL Bugs: #10904,, G2 forum topic.

2005/12/21 update: there's a fix for affected mysql installations, add $this->_db->Execute('set character set utf8'); in your modules/core/GalleryStorage/DatabaseStorage.class function init , see:

Installer failed on step 8 (windows installations)

Error (ERROR_MISSING_OBJECT) : in c:...\gallery2\modules\core\classes\GalleryStorage\DatabaseStorage.class at line 2264


Fatal error Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\...modules\core\classes\Gallery.class on line 733

Turn off McAfee antivirus if its running during installation on windows. You have a good chance not to receive the above errors and complete the installation.