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Cart Module

Add items from various albums to personal selection for the current session.


Adds menu links to add items/albums to cart. Users can then add items to this cart which isn't that useful by itself. But if you install other cart modules as the zipcart or the print modules (shutterfly, photoaccess, fotokasten, ...) users can first add some items to the cart and then checkout e.g. by ordering prints of the selected images or by downloading them as one big zip file.


  • Makes block available to themes with cart summary and link to view cart.
  • Other modules can provide cart actions.
  • Adds menu links to add items/albums to the cart
  • Define who is allowed to add which items to the cart with permissions


  • Download the module from the download page if necessary. The minimal and typical package of G2 don't include this module.
  • Install and activate the module in site admin -> modules
  • Add the cart block to your sidebar in site admin -> themes -> matrix (or for any other active/used theme)
  • Define the permissions (optionall for each album/item) by browsing to an album and clicking Edit Permission and adding/removing the add to cart permission to specific user groups.
  • Now you and the visitors of your site can see a add to cart option for each item and the cart block in the sidebar

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