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SnapGalaxy Printing Module


Enables printing photos & gifts of your Gallery2 photos with SnapGalaxy.


  • Provides Print with link on each photo with appropriate permissions
  • Can also send a group of photos from the cart
  • FREE Registration. No Setup Fee. No Annual Fee. ( )
  • Can set the prices of prints & posters and generate revenue. ( )
  • Premium quality prints & Posters, Guaranteed.
  • We accept & process all international credit cards payments made by online buyers.
  • Can personalize the email notification to customer, your contact details, logo in shopping cart.
  • We have fulfillment centers in USA & India; hence local low rate shipping options available.
  • Worldwide reliable shipping using USPS.
  • Prompt customer service.
  • Real-Time Online Reports for you to keep track of profits.
  • You get paid monthly.(Checks/Paypal in the USA, India; PayPal other countries).



  • Install and activate the module in Site Admin -> Plugins
  • Use the Edit Permissions interface to configure which photos and which users allow printing. By default all users (including guests) can print any item in the gallery.
  • If you use the watermark hotlinked images feature of the Watermark plus URL Rewrite modules, add snapgalaxy to the approved referers list in Site Admin -> URL Rewrite -> Setup tab to avoid getting prints with a watermark imprinted on them.
  • If you watermark your full-size images and enabled a print-service module, be sure to read Watermarking And Print-Services.