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PhotoWorks Module


Enables printing photos with


  • Provides Print on link on each photo with appropriate permissions
  • Can also send a group of photos from the cart
  • Starting in Gallery 2.2, PhotoWorks can print using the full size original even if the user can only see the resizes

Details of Service Provided by PhotoWorks

Last Verified on Oct 21, 2007

  • Using Storefront, Deposits income to your Paypal account every month you earn over $50 (net)
  • Not using Storefront, prices are set at pre-determined costs
  • No additional commissions charged. PhotoWorks pays the Paypal fees.
  • Will develop your film and digitize it
  • Lightjet, or other chemical process on Kodak paper
  • Prints on Glossy, Cards, Book Format, Calendars, and Gifts
  • Site suggests sRGB images, unclear if they will process Adobe 1998 RGB images.


  • Install and activate the module in Site Admin -> Plugins
  • Use the Edit Permissions interface to configure which photos and which users allow printing. By default all users (including guests) can print any item in the gallery.
  • If you watermark your full-size images and enabled a print-service module, be sure to read Watermarking And Print-Services.