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Digibug Module


Enables printing photos with


  • Provides Print on link on each photo with appropriate permissions
  • Can also send a group of photos from the cart

Technical Details of Service Provided by Digibug, Last verified on Oct 21, 2007

  • Checks are mailed every month in which you earned $25 or more (net)
  • Lightjet, or other chemical process
  • No setup, up-front, or annual fees
  • Prints on Glossy, Luster, Matte, Canvas, Clothing/Apparel, Gifts, Sweets/Chocolate, and Sports Balls
  • Prints poster-sized prints


  • Install, configure and activate the module in Site Admin -> Plugins
  • If your Digibug Company or Event ID changes you can update these in Site Admin -> Digibug
  • Use the Edit Permissions interface to configure which photos and which users allow printing. By default all users (including guests) can print any item in the gallery.
  • If you watermark your full-size images and enabled a print-service module, be sure to read Watermarking And Print-Services.


  • To add a link in a the photo template file:
    <a href="{g->url arg1="view=digibug.DigibugPrintPhotos" arg2="itemId=`$`" arg3="returnUrl=%CURRENT_URL%" useAuthToken=1}">print with digibig</a>

Known Issues

  • The preview / thumbnail isn't shown in the digibug checkout / fulfillment page if: The thumbnail is watermarked and the fullsize is not publicly-viewable. See bug 1707406
    • Workaround: Don't watermark the thumbnails for now. A real fix is planned.
  • Fixed in G2.3-svn (nightly snapshots since May 2nd, 2007) - Items protected with the "password" or with the "hidden items" module can't be ordered (the order will fail) due to a bug in G2. See bug 1706657.
    • Workaround: Don't use the "password" or "hidden items" module for now. Use normal G2 permissions to protect your images for now. A real fix is planned.