Meeting Notes: July 22 2008 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: July 22 2008

From Gallery Codex


  • talmdal (notes)
  • alindeman
  • schultmc
  • bharat
  • valiant
  • jhilden
  • Joe7
  • Tim_j
  • ymhee_bcex

Project Tasks


  • Bharat is waiting for expenses to be submitted. The deadline is July 29th. Printed copies are not essential if electronic copies are available.
  • It was lots of fun (for those that attended)
  • It started some important discussions, to be continued on -core
  • Thanks to Tim_j for organizing.

Gallery 1

  • Everything is ready
  • ckdake will do packaging when he returns from holidays.

Gallery 2.3

  • G2.3-RC-1 is pretty much ready.
  • We are currently blocked by an svn browser outage of The workaround is to host the README.html on GMC.
  • Tackle the pri 7-9 bugs in the next 2-3 weeks.
  • Re incomplete icon packs... "incomplete packs are better than no packs".

Summer of Code

  • talmdal will ask johndbritton to post some code to start initial reviews
  • phinze is making progress as well. beckett owes phinze a long IRC chat session this week.
  • Google recommends ending SoC on August 11 to have a week to finalize.

Summer of Usability

Gallery Competition

  • Some thoughts:
    • Competitions are good to get people involved
    • Focus on the gallery usage not the content.
    • Criteria: visual impact, good designm usability, novel features, unusual customization
    • Basis of the competition is predicated on the assumption that there are people who have done more with gallery than just download and stick with a straight install - tuned the templates, adjusted the css, custom themes
    • More than a new theme contest, more of a showcase
  • Overall, +1 for the contest...

Action Items For Next Week

(bold ones are overdue)

  • ckdake
    • continue to harass bharat about G1 reviews, G2 reviews, SoC
  • schultmc
    • update us on corporation status "Real Soon Now"
    • backport fixes and ask for code reviews or contact the security team to see if 2.2.5 can go in
  • alindeman
    • review 341: ffmpeg
  • beckett
    • look through integrations page on codex and update (remove obsoletes)
  • bharat
    • Summaries the discussion regarding Gallery2 direction and radical approaches to take to -devel.

Not at Meeting

  • h0bbel
    • finish putting together MS testing plan
    • add more to test matrix for other platforms

Completed Action items from last week

  • ckdake
    • continue to get fryfrog/talmdal to help with some release testing