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Gallery2:How to add other printing services

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Adding other Printing Services to Gallery 2

You can print your Gallery 2 photo albums with 3rd party printing services. There are already official Gallery 2 modules to print with the following printing services that deliver their photos world-wide:

If you want add another printing service, you will have to make sure a corresponding Gallery 2 module gets developed.

Relationship between the printing service and the Gallery project

All of the print services that are currently implemented as official Gallery modules have an established affiliate relationship with the Gallery project. Gallery sends plenty of business to the print affiliate, and in return the project receives a small percentage of the profit from the print service. Deals with individual services vary, but typically the print service gives 7-10% of their revenue received via this relationship back to the project. Note that this must not come at an added cost to the end-user.

Role of the printing service

During the development of the Gallery 2 module

  • Should get in touch with the G2 team to discuss their rates / offer and how orders will be received.
  • Should help developing the module (cart module plugin) or work together with another user / developer who is willing to develop the module.
  • Should be aware of copyright / legal issues when printing digital images for users.

After the development

  • Receives orders directly from G2 installations, not from us.
  • Prints and ships the photos reliably to the end-users

Role of the Gallery project team

During the development

  • Discusses the terms, possible issues etc. with the printing service.
  • Assists / guides the developer in creating the necessary module (and with developer a non-Gallery project team developer is meant).
  • Reviews the resulting module for coding guidelines etc.

After the development

  • Receives a small percentage of the profit from the printing service for each photo order.

Whom to contact

Role of the developer

  • Develops the cart plugin module based on a copy of an existing Gallery 2print service module (shutterfly, photoaccess, fotokasten) to meet the specs of the new printing service.
    • Copy the photoaccess module if the new print service supports server-to-server interaction that passes back a sessionid which G2 can embed in a redirect url to send back to the browser.
    • Copy the shutterfly module if the new print service only supports browser-to-server interaction (in shutterfly's case because cookies are required).